PA KCBS competition

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania Members Group' started by timstalltaletav, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. Just saw this competition is being held next month. Not sure about entering, but will probably go to observe.
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    Hello , TJS. and if you feel confident , try the fun. Not familiar with the co$t of competing , but love to watch and see what they try to pull off [​IMG]

    With the backing of our forums(read the 'Archives' ) , you can't go wrong [​IMG]  .

    Let us know what happens and  . . .
  3. I'm really irritated I didn't enter this. There were only 4 amateur teams so I would have at least won $60 back from the $100 entry fee even if I finished dead last.

    Amateurs had to cook ribs and chicken. Both strong points of my smoker repertoire.

    Still might go see the judging tomorrow if it doesn't rain.
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