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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by atlantayinzer, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. atlantayinzer

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    Hey Everyone,

    I've really wanted to make some jerkey and after searching this awesome Forum I think I've started to confuse myself on how to go about this so wanted to reach out and ask for advice.

    My "Equipment": I have a MES 30, bought Cure #1

    Some questions I have (responses or links to useful info is much appreciated)

    1.  What type of meat to use (first timer, so easier the better)

    2.  How to marinate/cure meat??

    3.  Process for making jerkey in MES 30? Temp, Time, etc??

    Any other useful advice is much appreciated.

  2. chef willie

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    My advice would be to start out with a manageable amount of meat to decide if you like the marinade used. Beef prices very high now so test before making 10 pounds. I use London Broil, semi-freeze for ease of slicing very thin. You don't want a lot of marbling in the meat for making jerky. I personally use a dehydrator but know some will do old school and totally dry in a smoker, others do a combo of smoke & then dehydrate. I like around 140 or so for my drying...the idea is to dry the meat not cook it. I usually marinate my beef overnight and just drain excess off on paper towels, no rinsing off. I'm into hot & spicy jerky so usually use a soy sauce based liquid with plenty of red pepper, some Sriracha, garlic, BP, whoosy sauce, granulated onion, cayenne etc. Sounds real hot but in reality it's just about right to go with a cold beer. Mine is usually done in a few hours so I normally don't use cure. I keep my batches small, around 3-5 pounds, so it disappears pretty quick allowing me to avoid freezing any, which I'm not a fan of....HTH, Willie. Oh, I sometimes use Wal-Mart beef which is sliced VERY thin to begin with and often reduced in price
  3. atlantayinzer

    atlantayinzer Newbie

    Thanks Willie!  Great info and much appreciated.

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