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    Just checking to see wht the minimum amout of time meat has to sit in the fridge.  I want to make meat sticks today and smoke later tonight?  The instructions say to put meat in fridge overnight.  Any thoughts?
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    let me elaborate, its says to stuff the casing and put in fridge overnight.  Also, I am using Hi Mountain Sweet and Spicy Snackin Sticks.
  3. you can grind, mix, stuff, and smoke,  immediately there is no real need to let ground sausage "cure" in the refrigerator,

    I am not familiar with High mountain sausage kits tho, but unless it has to "ferment" I can't see why it would need to set over night
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    Thanks Big casino. After some more research, I found a local meat company that sells fast cure.  We mixed up 3 batches, Teriyaki with Cheddar cheese, Jalapeno with Hot Pepper cheese, and just spice and cheese.  Turned out ok.  Not sure I smoked them long enough.  Did the whole "showered the sticks" with water while they were cooking and "dunked them in ice water" thing after they cooked.  We'll try another batch next weekend.  Doing Ribs today.

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