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  1. Got a last minute request to make PP and chili for a Super Bowl party. Off to the butcher shop to grab 2 9# butts. Luckily they were having a special too. $1.39/lb seemed pretty cheap?

    I anticipate this cook taking most of the night since I got a late start.

    A few pics if the early stages:

    A naked butt

    A little bit of mustard and liberal magic dust

    I don't know if this is what Mr. Minion had in mind with his method but it works for me

    Chimney of lump and briquettes mixed

    One on the top rack, one on the bottom, sand in the water pan

    My partner in crime enjoying the fact that she can lay on her bed outside since it's a heat wave here today at 40*....

    Rolling along nicely, time to settle in with a few Chesterfields and enjoy the night

    More pics as we move along.
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  2. Stage 2...

    A few appetizers for the guests (ie the people who just won't leave even though the game is tomorrow)

    And now putting it to bed

    The thinning agent

    More pics to follow
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  3. noshrimp

    noshrimp Smoke Blower

    You're off to a good start, tjs, and you have a pit companion to help. I'm looking forward to the end product.

  4. Not sure
    Not sure if you mean the dog or the shine for the pit companion... Hahaha

    They both have their place. Although I'll readily admit that dog is awesome. I literally owe her my life, but that should be a separate thread. Let's just say if you ever have the opportunity to split your skull open by falling down the steps, you'd want my dog around to lick your face to revive you.
  5. 199* already? Weird how some chunks of cow/pig stall and others don't? These two butts must have been in the opposites sides of the pig because they are both cooking exactly alike.

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