Overnight First-Time Brisket (With Q-View)

Discussion in 'Beef' started by cosmicslop, May 24, 2015.

  1. cosmicslop

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    I went to the store the other day thinking I would just purchase a flat, as I had never tried smoking brisket and wanted a practice run before doing one for my birthday next month.  Well, the store only had full choice grade packers, no flats.  I decided to take the plunge and picked up a 13lber. 

    After watching the UFC fight tonight with some friends I came home and prepped the brisket.  I followed the instructions from a Franklin's Barbecue YouTube video and had minimal trouble trimming the excess fat off.  Removing silver skin is hard though and that is something I need to perfect. 

    For a rub I went with SPOG, even though salt and pepper seems to be more traditional (especially for you Texans).  Wood wise, I went with pecan even though my buddy from South Texas said mesquite or oak.  I think I just prefer milder woods and I think the pecan will come out good.

    Here is a picture of it trimmed, rubbed and ready to go:

    It has been on since 2am here on the West Coast and I'll be up most of the early morning making sure the WSM is running properly.  I'm trying to keep it between 225-250 and right now it is sitting right at 240.  It will be a long night and day, but it should be well worth it.  ABTs and beans to follow later.  I will post more pictures as they come.  Thank you for looking. 
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  2. welshrarebit

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    I'm with you... Keep the updates coming!
  3. cosmicslop

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    Couldn't make it past 4am.  Slept for four hours and the WSM held it between 235 and 240 the whole time.  I expected to be awakened by the beeps of the thermometer at some point, but it never happened. 

    Checked out how everything was looking at the 6 hour mark:

    Unfortunately I don't have a food probe to attach to my thermometer, as I tested it last night and its reading of boiling water was way off.  Need to order another one.  Shouldn't matter as much with brisket though, since I'll be doing a probe test rather than cooking to a specific temperature.  ABTs up next.
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  4. briggy

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    Should be getting close.  Agree the silver skin is a PITA!  Pecan and Cherry are my favorite go to woods - have been out of Pecan for way too long.
  5. curtlow

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    Sounds like a great meal ahead.  Need to try some ABT's.  Never made or ate them.  Looking forward to some more pics.
  6. cosmicslop

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    Here's the brisket about 10 hours in or so:

    Checked the temperature and it was 170.  Wrapped it in foil with a little beef broth for the duration of the cook.  I have some butcher paper coming from Amazon that I plan to use in the future, but today only foil.

    ABTs, my girlfriend's contribution to the barbecue:

    Nothing fancy, filled with cream cheese and sharp cheddar cheese.  Used better cheese than last time so they should be better.  The last ones she made were already good, so I'm extra excited.

    Beans I made using a recipe from another popular barbecue website:

    They aren't meant to be sweet, more like chili beans.

    Finally, one of my favorite local brews, to enjoy while the brisket and everything else finishes:

    Back with more later. 
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  7. b-one

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    Looking forward to the finished shots!
  8. lemans

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    Hey I am doing an overnight brisket too....
  9. oldschoolbbq

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     I got to the party late , didn't see the un-veiling , but it looks nice and inviting . I think you've got the patience thingy down . Wait   .  .  .

    "Couldn't make it past 4am.  Slept for four hours and the WSM held it between 235 and 240 the whole time.  I expected to be awakened by the beeps of the

    thermometer at some point, but it never happened." 

    You don't have patience down , Shame on you , that's the best part of the cook you missed. The strange stuff happens at night. [​IMG]

    Oh , well , maybe next time . . .[​IMG]

    Meanwhile , have a great Memorial Day , have fun and . . . 
  10. cosmicslop

    cosmicslop Newbie

    Fell into a food coma after eating last night so I didn't get to post the finished products.

    The ABTs:

    The brisket:

    I have some critiques of course, but overall it turned out good and everyone was pleased.  Thanks for watching everyone.
  11. rmmurray

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    Great job! Everything looks awesome!

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