Overnight Brisket for Potluck @ Work?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by eh1bbq, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. eh1bbq

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    What's the longest any of you have kept a brisket wrapped up in a cooler for? Personally, I've only ever let it rest. I've never tried to keep heat that way. My real only option is to take some time off in the morning to finish the cook and then just take it straight to work for lunch time. However, just curious if anyone has any other thoughts of ways to pull this off. I leave for work around 6:00-6:30. Lunch is at noon. No oven on site. They will have a grill running, but it will likely be wide open for burgers etc.

    Any other ideas?  I will be doing a thread for this cook as it's my first overnighter in a while. And on a work night to boot! No fan control on my WSM so here's hoping the wind stays down...it is the prairies after all....

    Any thoughts/help are appreciated.
  2. I have pulled one at 6am and packed in a cooler covered in towels and paper and it was hot to the touch at noon.
  3. jcbigler

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    I did one last Thanksgiving. We were eating at my sister's house in Oklahoma City, a 3 hour drive my my place outside Chouteau. 

    I wrapped it in triple layers of foil, then placed in a metal baking pan and wrapped it all up in two heavy flannel blankets. 3 hours drive and about an hour and  half before everything else was ready to eat after we got there. This after spending about 10 hours on the smoker. So, a good 4 1/2 to 5 hours for me. It was still warm, and very, very tender.  [​IMG]  

    In fact this is the brisket in question:

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  4. oldschoolbbq

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    Make sure you give yourself plenty of time. Start earlier than you intend , you never what the Weather will do , or what scenarios will arise.

    When done , doble wrap n heavy duty Foil , towels and ( if available) a blanket and place in a (warmed ) cooler. Your Brisket should be perfect at lunch and

    knock their sock off .

    Have fun and . . .
  5. eh1bbq

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    First pic is briskly getting all happy ready to go on the cooker before some Zzz's. Second pic was first light this morning. Holding strong @ 250 ish. Still a ways to go..... No real temp drops. Got down to 7*C last night so had to stir coals when I got up. Not too bad really. Might need half a chimney to finish but this should do it.
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  6. humdinger

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    Looks good! Foil it, wrap it in towels, and place it in a dry cooler. It will hold until lunch time no problem, even long if you need it too.

    If you are able, I also recommend slicing it off for people as they move through the line (kind of like a carving station) for two reasons; 1.) Brisket starts drying out the second you slice into it, so preslicing it on a platter and letting it sit at the buffet could compromise the quality you worked so hard to attain. 2.) You can easily offer people various cuts to their preference; fatty, lean, lots of bark, no bark...etc.

    Also if burgers are the only other meat, then your brisket is going to steal the show, so it's nice to let people see who brought "the good stuff"! ;-)

    Good luck!
  7. eh1bbq

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    Thanks everyone! So far turning out great! If you saw my other thread I had a concern about the crust being carbonized from fat dripping to coal and flames coming up but people have assured me everything is well! I am hoping this turns out great! It looks great and smells great so far. Thanks for the suggestion on slicing as I go. That was kind of my thinking as well. I was hoping that it would preserve moisture and give selection (as you also suggested). I know not everyone will be big on it but I know a few who will be dying for it. Here's some recent pics. Just about done. Toothpick test is tender everywhere except for a slight push on the bottom side of the flat. Should be good to go now actually. So excited! Hate to foil it as its one of the better crusts I've produced (sad that a decent crust actually scared me) but I know it's worth it and no real other way of holding temp for another 2 hours....
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  8. eh1bbq

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    Thanks again all for the advice. Brisket turned out great! Everyone was happy and enjoyed it! Really stood out. 13 lbs out of the packaging, 10 lbs off the cooker when done, 1 lb left. Goes faster than you realize....

    Was not 100% satisfied with the crust after wrapping it for 2 hours, BUT it was still a bit crunchy and was super awesome. Most of the guys in the group wanted edge pieces. Tells you something I guess?

    Anyways, thanks again!
  9. b-one

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    Looks awesome, lucky coworkers you have!
  10. Out of curiousity how many people did you feed? Just wondering how many i could feed with a similar sized brisket? Thanks
  11. crazymoon

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    EH1, nice job, good looking brisket !
  12. humdinger

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    Wow that is some good looking bark! Your coworkers don't know how lucky they are.
  13. Nice Job, Good looking Brisket


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