Overnight brisket and butt roast

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    Well, decided to do another brisket, my third attempt.  My first two were ok, but chewy.  So this time, I'm going overnight,  Not allot of pictures unfortunately thought.

    The brisket was coated in Famous Dave's Georgia Mustard, and Smoking Gun brand rub.  Guy that sold it to me swears buy it so I gave it a chance.  The butt roast was injected with Cajun Injector brand Honey BBQ Bacon injection, and rubbed with my own mix of brown sugar and creole seasoning.  Started at about 7pm, and here they are at 11:30pm:


    That was the last picture of the butt roast, it came off at 4AM, and I wasn't coherant enough to snap a picture of it.  The brisket came off at 7AM and went into the cooler.  Here it is at 11AM after I got up from my nap:


    And sliced:


    The brisket turned out pretty good.  Very tender, good flavor, and NOT CHEWY!  Next one I'll probably just go with simple garlic salt and montreal steak seasoning for the rub.  But I was happy with the way it turned out. 

    The butt roast turned out to be the best piece of meat I have ever done.  I wish I had taken more pictures of it and the whole process.  It just fell apart when I pulled it, and the flavor was insane.  Very pleased with it:)
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    It looks good [​IMG]
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    Nice lookin' vittles !!!!!

    Thanks for a great view!

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    that looks very good

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