Overnight Boston Butt

Discussion in 'Pork' started by adam d, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. grillmonkey

    grillmonkey Smoking Fanatic

    Probably in the stall. You're gonna need more charcoal.
  2. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    She's all filled up now. I still have some left in the bag and another brand new bag still. 219 in the smoker, going to get some more sleep
  3. You probably already know but you are looking for  205 º internal

  4. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    I heard different things on internal temp... im not getting anymore sleep it seems. Cooker seems to be taking off now for some reason, 270... i added more water, another gallon of hot water.. and choked back to 1/2 a vent open and closed the top one a bit... hopefully it'll drop
  5. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    14 Hours in so far... we're starting to get past the stall. Slowly starting to raise. 174 on the internal temp now. Holding around 235-240 smoker temp.
  6. Be sure and post some pictures

  7. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    So I may have a slight issue. So one bag of charcoal after it turns to soot, kinda has no where to go, because theres so much. Sooo the entire bottom of my smoker is filled with soot... meaning theres not a lotta room for the new soot to fall... lol... really don't want to have to empty that, it'll be a pain..

    Anyway she's at 176 now, i just had to go outside kick the coals around. Took some photos for you guys though:

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  8. waterinholebrew

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    Lookin good !
  9. I'm getting hungry

  10. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    Should I wrap this thing at all or just let it go? 15 hours in and we're at 176 still
  11. You have got good color, I would wrap, What time are you wanting to eat ?

  12. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    I'll eat anytime really just don't want this thing to dry out ya know... she's a 10 lbr I figured around 15 hours
  13. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    Foil is my friend... 185 on the pork now... smoker is at 255
  14. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    196 ALMOST THERE! I'm so excited
  15. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    Okay she's all done. I pulled it around 198/199. I did the "bone" test... the bone basically pulled right out. Heck I was going to throw it back on the smoker without the foil for a bit, but it almost fell apart in my hands as I picked it up... yeah she's done.

    It's wrapped in more foil now and in the cooler for about an hour while I clean up and run to the supermarket for some slaw
  16. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    Damn... that's some good pulled pork I tell ya what... I can't wait till this summer for the parties, i'll be making this stuff up by trash can full. I didn't realy have that much fat leftover either which was great. Wife asked me not to add BBQ sauce to it for the whole batch so i'll add it to smaller batches as I want it... now how do I store this stuff.. meaning, do I let it sit on counter covered till room temp then put it in freezer/fridge (i'm gonna vacuum seal batches into freezer bags)

    Before the pull:

    After the pull (fat is on the left, you can see not much fat really):

    I had more bark... but ummm the wife and I kinda had to taste test it... ya know for quality control :)

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  17. crazymoon

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    EXCELLENT !!!!, nice post ![​IMG]
  18. b-one

    b-one Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    nice looking Sammie!
  19. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    Too bad I wasn't hungry as I had made hamburgers before this was done, lol... anyway here is a photo of it all in the tray getting ready to get vacuum sealed. I did 3 bags, which was equiv to about 3-4 sandwiches in each bag... and than I left a bit for myself in a regular container for tonight/tomm. Rest go into a freezer

  20. Excellent results! Well worth the time invested.

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