Overnight Beef Brisket w/Q-View

Discussion in 'Beef' started by andrew82, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Hello SMF! I decided to throw a packer on the WSM for an overnight cook. Enjoy!










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  2. Looks like a success! You better save me a slice!
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    Nice smoke ring! [​IMG]
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    It does look good....
  5. Thanks ho! It turned out very good. You need to do one.
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    The brisket looks great!

    Nice job Andrew!

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    It looks yummy Andrew
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    VERY NICE!!!  God I love the Smell oh Vision on the computer!

    Question...I see sometimes BB will be trimmed back and not have the top layer of Fat.  What are the Pro's and Con's on that...?  I will assume the additonal work needed during cook time to keep the BB tender/moist, but do you then get a better Smoke flavor throughout the beef?  I caught a smoking competion on TV the other day and they had all the BB trimmed up, but wondered how or what would need to be done prior to smoking and would you cook at a lower temp?

    Only asking as a Newbi...Still learning the way's of a Good Smoker, but I know it is typically "Trial by Fire..."
  13. [​IMG]Nice job looks delicious
  14. Thanks soup! I trimmed a good portion of the packer because from what I have researched, smoke cannot penetrate thick layers of fat. With BB, there can be a lot of "dead spots" in which the fat is too thick to catch the smoke. If you were going to try one I would trim the hard fat from the bottom and trim the fat cap to 1/8" or so. This method should keep enough fat to keep moist while allowing the smoke to penetrate the BB. Good luck and thanks for lookin at the cookin.

  15. kdsoup

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    Great feedback Andrew...!

    That is exactly what I tasted in my 1st BB about three weeks ago.  Really had a fun time making it and the Family really enjoyed the flavor; the 8lb made a ton of sandwhiches for us that week.  BUT, I want to take it to the next level.  Have you or anyone else tried a Southern Rub with Coffee in it...?  I came across one the other day and the maine base is using several different Pepper Types + Coffee.  Not sure if that is something for a BB or not...I guess it is all in what you like.  I LOVE my Coffee, so maybe the background flavor with BBQ-Sauce would really hit it or just bomb.

    Looks like this weekend I will be cooking (2) BB on the Smoker, one for my Family and one for My Sisters...so maybe I try two different flavors.  The MASTERBUILT XL has the room, so this should be fun!

    Thanks again!!!
  16. It looks great. I want to try a brisket too before summer ends & hopefully it will look as good as yours.
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    Brisket looks great. Did you have any trouble maintaining heat overnight
  18. Andrew, was the thinner end of the brisket significantly drier than the thicker section?
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    Bravo--looks superb!

  20. It's a beaut, Andrew. If it's half as delish as it looks, oh boy!
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