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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by obie, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Does anyone know what the maximum low temperature outdoors would be for the MES30? I want to know at what outdoor temp will the MES30 stop holding internal temp.
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    It is very well insulated & I think some of the guys use them when it's 20 or less. The MES won't start up if it's too cold so you have to warm the inside up with hot water or something like that. I'm in Florida & don't have any experience with cold weather smoking, but I'm sure one of the others who is will be along to better help you.
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    I have 2 pork butts on right now and it is 24 and it is holding temp great. The coldest I have used mine is in the teens with no problems.
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    Yes, I have an MES 30 and I have never had any cold weather problems with it here in Montana. I have smoked with no problems in the teens also. I did drill a hole and added and external thermometer in addition to my digital.

    I have noticed about a 20F +/- temp. difference with the MES vs. the external thermometer (MES always reads lower), probably because the MES TI is above where my external is.

    I rotate my racks often.

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    If you tend to have a temp. problem and can't get it to rise, create a wind break for it or wrap it in a welder's blanket.

    You should be able to smoke year around , unless you are in Antartica.

    have fun and...
  6. Thank you everyone! I did use the MES to smoke ribs yesterday with the high temp for the day 34 degrees. It did seem that is was reading lower just like redhealerdog had mentioned.

    I appreciate the feedback and look forward to smoking year round!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Redhealerdog- What did you use to install the lower thermometer?
  7. My MES stays outside on the patio.. and this past Saturday it was real cold up here.. -30c with the wind.. roughly -22F.

    I started up the MES, after 30-40 it was up to temp and i smoked 4 racks of ribs. 

    So if it works up here in that cold, it should work anywhere!
  8. I use my Mes 30 in below zero temps with no problem. What i use for a golden rules at temps this low is a good 45 minute preheat and water in the pan for a heat sink...this really helps recovery time when you open the door. My MES is moved into the garage for the winter months and used next to a window with a small stack out the window. Also a good set of temperature probes is important {maverick 73-732} and a Amazen smoke generator are god send when smoking at temps this cold. They sure cut down on trips out to the smoker.[​IMG]

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