Outside In Insulated Vertical Cabinet Smoker Build

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  1. I have a couple of mint 16 gauge 24by24by48 worksite job boxes, so I figured I could save time and materials by using one to build a new cabinet smoker, got it up on blocks yesterday,and will remove handles, wheels, latches etc today


  2. cleaned up the box.

    Hardware off
  3. Is she going to be gas, electric or charcoal buddy?
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    Good thinking on using the box 

    my question is will the paint be alright or are you going to have to blast it off 
  5. Nice way to save time. Can't wait to see your progress
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    Watching this one.
  7. It will be Charcoal, Icould sand the outside and repaint, but a friend has a sandblasting company and blasts all my smokers inside and out for me.

  8. I ordered roxul insulation from the ww grainger that's 15 minutes from my shop,they left me a message it came in today, so i'll pick it up tomorrow si I can get going on this build, the insulation has to go in as I build with the cabinet being the outside of the smoker,I'd like to use it at a comp in maine next month. I was able to get roxul with heavy foil facing on both sides.

  9. Got some time in on the cabinet build today, I put in the firebox insulation and a rail to mount the back wall of the firebox to, cut the plate for the bottom and three sides of the firebox,and tacked them together, i'll slide it out in the morning and finish weld the plates, add the tracks for the charcoal box,and put the top on, the slide it back in, and weld it to the box around the edges, and plug weld the back wall of the firebox to the mounting rail I put in through 5 half inch holes I drilled in the back wall.


  10. Are you planning to insulate the entire smoker?
  11. Got to work on the cabinet today, slid out the tack welded firebox,and put it on the welding table to finish weld the seams, add the charcoal box tracks, weld the firebox top plate on, and build the charcoal box on the table where it was easy to do. Then I slid it back into the cabinet to weld it around the opening flange,and plug weld it to the mounting rail I put in with the firebox insulation. Then I added 3 angle iron rails to plug weld the cook chamber side and rear walls to. The side and rear cc walls will have the intake and exhaust ducting welded to them before tacking them together inside the cook chamber. The rails also hold the cc insulation in place. After tacking the cc together, i'll slide it out to finish weld the seams,and weld the cc top on, on thewelding table then i'll slide it back into the cabinet to weld it around the cabinet flange, plug weld it to the 3 angle iron rails, and weld it to the top of the firebox.

    The cooking grate tracks will be a slide in module so they can be welded in after everything is sandblasted.


  12. The entire smoker is insulated, it is built in 2 modules that slide in and attach to the outer shell of the cabinet, I made the 2 inner walls today with the heat and smoke channels in them, on the welding table, then slid them inside, tomorrow i'll make the back wall with the exhaust channel,and the top of the cook chamber, i'll tack weld them together then slide the cc module out, and full length weld it up on the welding table, then I can slide it in and weld it to the rain gutter flange of the box,the 3 mounting brackets I welded in before adding the cc insulation,and weld it to the top of the firebox, then I can seal off the heat and smoke channels to the oprenings in the top of the firebox.

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  13. Got the backwall with the exhaust channel,and the top of the cook chamber done today,and tacked inside to the 2 sidewalls, tomorrow i'll slide it out and weld all the seams up on the welding table.

  14. Slid out the cook chamber module and finish welded it on the welding table, slid out the firebox module, so I could weld in a couple small pieces of 1/4 inch plate to drill and tap for mounting the latches. I'll add the wheels while the modules are out and the cabinet is light with only the insulation inside. I've been keeping track, and so far have less than 30 hours into the build.
    Chamber welded up on the table, upside down in pic.

    Cabinet with insulation inside

    out for the last time

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    Just caught this! Impressive and creative work, looking forward to seeing the end smoker!
  16. Been sidetracked for a few weeks building a Patio type extension on a friends Concession trailer, I'll be finishing the Smoker up next week,and will post the rest of the build pics.

  17. Have you made any progress on this build really want to see how turns out
  18. Sorry for the delay in follow-up, Broken leg or not, had to go to the day job to help out for a few weeks, After a whole day in the shop daily, I've only been in the mood to pick at it a few hours on the weekend, Had a couple sat tailgate contests last month which also screwed up progress although we did good in the contests. I've been taking pics, and hope to have it done the first or second week of Oct. rIGHT WHEN IT STARTS GETTIN COLD AROUND HERE, and I'll need the insulated smoker !!


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