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  1. One of the workers at the butchers gave me a outside flat instead of a brisket flat.  i wondered why it was so thick!

    Ive read outside flat should only be cooked to Med Rare at most.  Just wondering if anyone cooks this cut and if so, can you smoke it to 200 IT like brisket?
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    "Outside Flat" is a new term to me.

    No idea what cut that would be?

    I see that the bottom round is sometimes cut into something called a "flat".

    If so, the wrong end of the animal for brisket? 

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    I retired in 2007 and up to this point i have not heard of a outside flat.  However this term could be used depending your location of this country i suppose, much like a delmonico steak is a rib eye steak out east and a rib eye here in the midwest.  I think what you have is a bottom round.  Bottom rounds came to us in cases marked Beef Flats.  It's from the round.

    I'ts a tougher piece of meat but can be made tender.  I have smoked them at 250 until enternal temp of 130 and then let them rest for 15 min. or so under foil.  Sliced them [should be med-rare at this point] and put them into aujus or gravy to keep the meat moist.  This cut is great as a pot roast also in the crock pot left on low all day.  This way it can get to a point that you can shred it.  Doesn't have the flavor of a chuck roast however and much leaner.  This is also my favorite cut [outside of venison] for beef jerkey. Reinhard
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    Yes, an 'outside flat' is known as a bottom round roast, it comes off the gooseneck round (which is the bottom round, rump, eye of round and heel of round - everything except the top round).

    Whole beef bottom round with rump (on the right end, the point).

    Conversely, the Top Round is known as the Inside Round, as it is on the interior of the hindquarter:

    When together, they look like this:

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    Outside flat is a decent roast, restaurants use them a lot for roast beef, beef dips and such.

    You can cook them to well done if you really want it that cooked. Find flats that are AAA (Canada) or choice (USA) grade fir added maoisture and flavor.

    We used AAA/Choice flats for making jerky in my butcher shop. Clan the outside, split the neck off where there is a large piece of nerve and liver skin, then slice against the grain. Makes nice big flat pieces with delicious marbling. jerky is really tender and flavorful.

    Great for sausage making, grinding, stew, curing and smoking in large 1lb chunks, kind of like a pastrami.
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    thanks pops, I learn something new everytime I come to this site
  7. thanks all for your input.  im gearing up to cure half of it .  just got my broadcast injector.  either pastrami or montreal smoked meat.  not sure

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