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  1. Recently I ordered a digital thermometer from Amazon.co. due to the fact that it had free shipping.  Well the company that sold/shipped the thermometer was Fred's Music And BBQ.com.  Along with the thermometer was an assortment if Tasty Licks sample spice packets.  I tried two of the samples (Burger Meister Burgers and Redeye Ribeyes Reatmeat Rub) on some burgers and steaks and the wife loved them.  I told my wife I would order some for her.  Well I went on their website to order and found out they were $6.99 each.  a little high in my eyes, but I will spend it to keep the misses happy.  Went to check out and found out shipping was $5.67 for 1 or $8.37 for 2 bottles.  Mind you, these bottles are 6 oz.  They should both fit in a small USPS box. I called the 800 number and was told that that was indeed the shipping price and I could save money on shipping by picking up in person. They are in PA and I am in WI so that was out of the question.  I told the gentleman on the phone that I guess my wife will go without as the total for 2 bottle of spices shipped was $20.35.   I would have paid the $5.67 since both would have fit in the small flat rate box ($5.20) but to charge $3.00 more to use the same box is ridiculous. 

    Sorry about the long post but just needed to vent!
  2. Sorry it turned out that way. Amazon is pressuring sellers to knock off

    high shipping cost as they are part of the profit.

    So, you'll most likely get free shipping from an Amazon buy, but not directly

    from the seller or Mfg. Those are companies that are reactive instead of proactive.

    They'll hammer you with low product prices and enormous shipping to make up

    the difference.

    As for $6.99 for rubs...I'd charge that, BUT, I wouldn't inflate shipping. You have

    every right to vent. I've been seeing this change in our retail culture and it burns

    me up.

    BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE! (just pay another handling fee) BLEH!
  3. smokinal

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    This has happened to me a couple of times & I never dealt with the Co. again. I don't think these companies realize how many customers they loose over inflated shipping charges.
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    Try living in Alaska, as just about every single company thinks we are a foreign country!!  Most will NOT ship via flat rate USPS Priority Mail.. They want to use Fed-ex or UPS, which is a crock of shiet--UPS Dowesnt even have their own service out here!! Fed-ex,, well I aint paying that type of shipping for anything except to ship out fresh salmon to family and friends...Folks like Todd with his A-MAZE-N Products uses USPS flat rate and that is a DREAM!! besides his products are worth every little bit it costs to ship!!

    Anyways, thats my bytch for the day..[​IMG]
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    I recently tried to purchase (2) scales.  I did a Google Search, and it brought up a list of companies selling the item.  It just so happened that the lowest priced company was also offering "Free Shipping".  I went to their website and ordered my scales.  Their checkout brought me to Amazon.com, and when I checked, shipping was $10.95 x 2, not "Free Shipping"!!!

    For obvious reasons, I cancelled the order, and searched EBay for the same deal.  They're on the way!

    A seller does not have to pay a percentage to EBay, Amazon or other online companies, so that's why they charge higher shipping and handling fees.

  6. meateater

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    I bought a scale from Amazon and it was free shipping.  

  7. Same thing here in the U.S. Virgin Islands....it's a fricken U.S. territory!  Same US postal rates as if you're shipping a flat rate across town.  And like you said...Todd is the man for going the extra mile to use them.  

    Heck...I can't even order some things online because of the IP address sets off some red flags - it's stupid!
  8. alaskanbear

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    Well with all the great guys here, I am sure you can find a good hearted brother to help with that--Many would probably be more than happy to ship to you if the company wont--Have had that happen a few times with a company that WONT use USPS flat rate boxes..

  9. Taxifornia is after Amazon to start charging CA sales tax on all orders to Ca, even tho  Amazon and the vendor are not in Ca.  Basically forcing them to collect and pay tax for the state of CA.  By the time you pay City and State sales tax in Taxifornia, you are talking 10% of your purchase.  Then if they have to have to add any shipping charges?  It will put the online merchants out of the CA market.  What a country and what a great state!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  10. I say these companies either want to do business or not.....sounds like they don't and sure won't get my business!  [​IMG]
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    It's not after Amazon........ you new/old governater passed the bill and Amazon dropped all vendors from Calif.  I praise the bold decision on Amazons part, if Calif. cannot balance itself then they should start over. 2012 cannot come sooner. 
  12. You always want to watch the shipping charges as that is how they build up the price of the item they are selling. Watch all these "Made for TV" specials. Notice how they are always throwing in a second one of the products. But it will cost you separate processing and handling. Sometimes much more than the cost of the original product. Some of these places could get off much cheaper using the USPS "if it fits, it ships" but they are not interested in saving money, just s crewing you out of it.
  13. I am fully with Amazon.  Why should Taxifornia regulate business all over the world just because they never saw a dollar they didn't want to spend.

    Good luck and good smoking.

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