Outdoor cook last weekend - chicken and corned beef

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    The weather was so nice here we just had to do all our cooking outdoors.  Me on the pellet cooker doing beef, and the missus on the gasser doing chicken drums.

    Did a corned beef packer again, but this time separated the point from flat - overlapped the thin parts of each to help keep from overcooking.

    Meanwhile, the missus was working on the drums.  She normally uses teriyaki marinade overnight, but didn't have any, so improvised with hoisin, plum sauce, and red pepper flakes. She also did a few with Texas brisket rub.

    The meat turned out reasonably good, and we love it sliced thin on sandwiches and hash browns when chopped.

    Cubed up some of the point and fried it crisp. The flavor was really good, but a bit too salty.  Next time a longer soak in water

    Hand carved pastrami sandwiches with Vermont sharp cheddar, mustard, and mayo.  We often add sauerkraut when the mood strikes

    All in all, a great weekend outdoors, and we're hoping for more of the same this weekend
  2. Great lookin samies.  Nice job.  Hope your weather holds for the weekend.  Ours doesn't turn around till monday, of course.  Keep on smokin.
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    Nice job!

    Everything looks delicious!


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