Our smoker "the pharaoh"

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  1.      It is a two drum smoker. Both drums are connected throug two 4" pipes with dampers inside. There are dampers on the two chimneys too. This arrangement is to be able to have the smoke make an "S" or "Z" path and force it to have contact with the meat.

    The upper drum is enveloped into a spiroduct section which diameter is about 3 inches bigger than the drum. The space between them is fille dup with mineral fiber. We can smoke about 4 to 5 -depending on brisket sizes- whole briskets and with a "secon floor" we think it would hold 2 or 3 more; -we have never loaded it that much-.

         We call it "the pharaoh" because of the four retractable pipes we use to carry it arround like when the slaves or servants of a queen, king or pharaoh used to ride the chief on public acts. I lacks and needs some wheels.

         "The pharaoh" was built about 5 years ago and was for about 3 years stuck away in my friends warehouse so we took pictures of it all dusted -you can see-; and then we cleaned it and lighted it for the smoke about two weeks ago that I mention on my introduction-to-the-forum post at which we had some problems that I will mention on another post or on this post's chain later on  -there are things we did that should no be done-. We do not have pictures of the fist brskets that it cooked fo us.

        It takes "the pharaoh" 9 hours to smoke 4 briskets with mezquite wood and the results are very good per our humble standards. -We have not tried that many recipes, other woods, other people's ways or other rubs; only ours-. [​IMG]

    Just about to close the door:

    This is the first time we smoked a "different cut of brisket" that is sold here. It is a lot longer than the usual brisket we buy. That is one of the things that brought us some problems.

         I hope you like the Q-views.

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    Hola Ivan!  Nice double decker smoker you have there! We've had builds like that on SMF before, but if I recall, yours is the first to mention the cook chamber being insulated. Bet that it holds the heat rather well and gives you quick recovery times.

    As for the brisket, here in the U.S. we have whole packer brisket, brisket point and the brisket flat.  Although I was a meat cutter/butcher for nearly 20 years I’m not familiar with the cuts that you would find in Mexico.   Having just talked to a couple of gals that work in my area, and are familiar with both the US cuts of meat and the Mexican cuts, they tell me that in Mexico only the back half of the brisket flat is sold as brisket and the point and the front portion of the flat is sold for stew meat.  If I have my head wrapped around your discription of "a lot longer than the usual brisket we buy" and if it's the big ol' hunk of meat that is pictured on the cooking grate it looks and sounds to me that you may have a whole brisket that's found here in the states.
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  4. That is one awesome looking smoker you built! Great job!

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