Our Anual Boudin making Day

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by cappyr, Jan 17, 2014.

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    This year for our annual Boudin making day I was unable to attend.  A stomach virus kept me "commode bound" while all my buddies spent the day drinking and having a ball at friend Sam's out door kitchen and smoke shack.   I sweet talked friend Ed into taking a few pictures, he aint the "foodie" that I am but bless his heart he did his best under the inebriating circumstances.

    25 lbs pork, 8lbs liver my seasoning to taste, 6 bell peppers and a qt bag of chopped green onions and a qt bag of parsley.  Stir till cooked.

    Ya place the meat mixture in a pan to cool and while its cooling..............

    You fry up a batch of cracklings.  Cracklins are cubes of fresh skin on belly bacon meat. They are fried in their own lard till they float taken out of the oil cooled then twice fried a few seconds to blister the skin.  These hard cooking hard drinking country boys dove into tehm after the first frying on acounta they couldn't wait.

    This is a wonderful ole Cajun gentleman known as Bebe prounounced Baybay

    Here BEbe and Ed are showing off their wonderful fried bacony cracklins.  Think they been drinking???[​IMG]

    Friend Steve enjoying his.

    Anyways back to the boudin.

    Once the meat cools ya gotta mix in cooked rice, I figure one cup of rice for 1 lb of meat but the guys just cooked a 20 lb sack figuring close enough.  Sadly they didn't watch the pot and if ya look closely its obvious some of the rice was crunchy.  Alls that ment is ya need to recook the boudin when ya eat it.

    This pile was twisted into links, and weighed in at a lil over 80 lbs.  half of it went in the smoker, and the rest was left cooked but un smoked.  With the exeption fo the slightly crunchy rice I feel certain that the finished product would compete with the best in any contest it was amazin'.  Of course how could it not be it was my recipe and seasoning.[​IMG][​IMG]I am told that shortly before taking this picture is when they decided to sample the qt of shine.  That makes it the last one they remembered to take.  I was kinda comforted in the fact that they forgot to watch the rice and quit taking pictures cause it kinda makes me feel they coulda used my help.  By noon I was ready to face the world but these early rizin country boys were already finished and when I steped ot to jump in the jeep they were pulling in the drive.  Oh well at least they showed up with my yearly supply of this wonderful Cajun tradition.

  2. gotta tell ya, i absolutely DESPISE  liver. but with yours and all the other recent posts about boudin, i might have to give it a try. it  sure does look good, even with the liver content. 

    on the rice, you say one cup. i assume that's 1 cup of cooked rice per lb??? 
  3. mdboatbum

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    Sounds like a great bunch of friends you have there!
  4. That is too bad, you no likin the liver, but gettin on here, I tend to be on the fence, some does taste like shoe leather, but done right with bacon, is to die for.
  5. woodcutter

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    Cappy, maybe you'll have to plan another day! I have a question on the cracklings. I skinned mine from the belly and don't much meat left on them would this still work or should I deep fry them?
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    Sorry you was sick, but looks like good boudin to me. Actually looks like it did when I was a kid, only less beer pictures.....LOL

    It looks like a good mixture too. I know its no real gauge but I always look to make sure I can see the rice distinctly and it has about what I add as green onion tops showing. I don't believe I ever had it smoked though before until a few weeks back.......That just takes it completely to the next level. If I wasn't going to eat it, I would just take and rub it all over my body and go out dancing. I bet all the pretty girls from Down Da Bayou would dance till the sun comes up.
  7. there is some liverwurst that i can  handle, but fresh cooked livers, everything i've ever had leaves a aftertaste in my mouth. i'm thinkin on the  boudin with all the other goodies n spices in there, i might be ok.
  8. shoneyboy

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  9. boykjo

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    boudin looks great...To bad you couldnt make it....Looks like they had a great time.....
  10. cappyr

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    Thanks guys, the liver is pork liver and was ground and added it to me is what makes boudin.  I know folks who don't use it but it just don't taste right to me.  I also know a guy who uses a lil ground chicken liver which he prefers to me its traditional and I kinda sorta consider ma self a traditionalist  Cracklins are usually skin on deep fried.  some with more baconey look some just a thin layer of fat.  Again its what ya grew up with, and my family made a mixed batch some more meat layers than others cause they weren't makin cracklins they were rendering lard.  The cracklins were a by product.  used all wingter long in a lots of different ways.  Once folks started comercializin them its a different story now.  Now some crackling venders actually give lard to whoever wants it for free.  It has become the byproduct

    To answer ya wood cutter they aint gotta be thick and would work just cause there aint lot of meat ya belly would still make good bacon or cubed up good cracklins and if ya render them down ya would have a gallon  or so of lard great for frying.

    Oh, and ya right foam smoked is a new twist, I tried it first 2 years ago at the boudin festival.  It joins all the other fancy kinds like seafood boudins.  Though they are very tasty I don't make them.
  11. cappyr

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    On a side note I AM  feeling better aand stuff aint galloping straight through me any more.  I have 2 slabs of spare ribs thawing along with 2 gallon bags of red fish scales on thawing friends coming over and a fiest planned will try to stay sober enough to post a ride along but no promices I am already 1 party behind

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