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  1. Does anyone know where i can purchase a custom built fire box only for my 250 gallon reverse flow smoker project ? I cant find  the right materials here in Antigua to make my own and i am hoping i can order just a fire box and have it shipped to me.
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  3. Thanks
  4. aww man they only do baskets
  5. I could probably build you one, have you designed it yet?
  6. no I have not . I dont even know where to start.  What i do know is that i need one for a trailer mounted 250 gallon reverse smoker with a six inch diameter exhaust stack. Im hoping that someone can build me one using this info. Any idea how much it would cost and ship to miami ? I live in Antigua but i ship stuff that i buy in the USA to my cousin in Miami.
  7.  220 gallon tank  

    Now all i need is a fire box .
  8. I'm in Orlando and deal with a lot of people that export. Especially this time of year. I can start asking around about anyone that may have a container going that way. Getting it to Miami wouldn't be that big a deal either.

    So, what are you thinking for the build? Reverse flow or traditional. And will this be wood fired?

    Are you planning to run heated air through the warming boxes? Or will they just be attached and use radiant heat?

    And what's the diameter of the pipe?
  9. Thanks for your reply. every one say reverse is best so i am inclined to go with that. Wood fired of course. the warming boxes will just be radiant heat.  I have two pieces of steel pipe for the smoke stack 4 inch and six inch , i was  advised to use the six inch pipe. I can also give you the address of a freight forwarder that i use in Miami, they also bring my stuff to antigua.
  10. I will be building a 6x10 trailer to mount the smoker on.Also on the trailer will be  a small sink, propane basket fryer, one burner stove, smaller grill made from a100lb cylinder, and 30 gallon fresh water tank and storage box.

  11. Just some other bits for the build . Door latches on order from amazon, Trailer frame materials and smoker rack materials sitting out in the yard . Never mind the pumpkin  thats for dinner tomorrow.

  12. So is the tank diameter 30"?
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    Awesome deal guys! It's great seeing people help one another.
  14. I guess so .

    The  information below is from a plate welded onto  the tank

    Length - 94 inches

    water capacity - 250 gal

    outside diameter - 30 inches

    shell thickness - .199 inches

    surface area - 61.5 square feet
  15. Door latches arrived today, much bigger than i expected.


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