orange oregano chicken thighs with grilled sweet onions

Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by jagerviking, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. jagerviking

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    I start with 8 or 9 large oranges, rolled and juiced into a non corrosive stock pot. Slice 2 or 3 sweet yellow onions into rings and add into stock pot. Add oregano, fresh cracked pepper, lawerys season salt, garlic salt, fresh chopped garlic and 3 24 ounce cans of budweiser, all to taste, I dont have measurements for this, its all by eyeball. I then removed the skin from 18 thighs, and lightly score the pieces 3 times on the meat side and set them all on a cutting board. Once they are all layed out, I season the chicken with more oregano, season salt, pepper and garlic salt. Put the chicken in the stock pot, and refrigerate over night.

    Start your coals early, get them good and low, then lay the chicken out on the grill evenly, bone side down. do not get rid of that mixture yet, set it next to the grill on a table.

    After several minuits of cooking, remove half of the chicken from the grill, and return it to the liquid in the stock pot, turn the other half meat side down. it helps to remove the onions from the pot and set them to the side before the chicken goes back in.

    after several min. take the chicken from the pot, and return to the grill meat side down, take chiken that was left on grill, and return to pot. Keep this rotation going for several turns, I usualy do 4 (2 bone side and 2 meat side turns) after that, dispose of the marinade, keep all chicken on grill for aditional 2 turns minimum, that way all marinade on the chicken is cooked. grill the onions at the end, and combine chicken and onions on a plate and enjoy! (It looks burnt, trust me int not, it turns out like this EVERY time.)
  2. cowgirl

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    Jager your chicken looks great! Love the sound of your marinade, Thanks for the post!![​IMG]
  3. m1tanker78

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    Jager, the chicken looks awesome. I do my chicken wings in a similar way and always love the outcome.

    Thanks for the QVIEW,

  4. fire it up

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    Great recipe! Wish I had seen this earlier to try since I just brined some chicken for the smoke..
    Looks great! Excellent job scoring them. Glad you did that, gonna score next time I smoke chicken.
  5. richoso1

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    Congrats on what looks like a tasty treat. I'm impressed with your grilling method and the choice of marinade. Point to you my friend.
  6. cman95

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    This kind of thread is what I like about this place. Jager, I give you [​IMG] for your chicken. Thanks man.
  7. kennymn

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    sounds and looks very taste plus easy to do - thanks
  8. bigbaldbbq

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    Jager that looks pretty good![​IMG]
  9. bassman

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    That looks good! I may lose count of which one I just put back into the marinade, which ones I just turned, when I took out the onion----------you get the idea. I may have to print out the directions.[​IMG]
  10. Sounds good. Like the idea of orange and chicken. Might try some boneless with this marinade.
  11. grothe

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    Really nice lookin chicken......marinade sounds great!
  12. rivet

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    Real nice marinade- outstanding chickenwork, wow. Used bitter oranges in marinades before and they are always good. Your mix with Bud and oregano sounds excellent and makes me want to try this!

    Your finished chicken just begs to be chomped on, Jager! [​IMG]
  13. ronp

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    Well I gotta ask, what are the temps of the thighs during this process, do you get them to the safe temps in 4 hours? What temp is the stockpot marinade when you redip it? Don't get me wrong, not being critical just curious.

    Thanks for the Qview, looks good.
  14. jagerviking

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    The whole cooking process is less that 1 hour. I usualy take the marinade right from the fridge and directly to the grill. I have never gone by temps on this process, have been doing this chicken for almost 15 years and have yet to get anyone sick from it. I learned this from a good friend of mine way back when, and can totaly understand your questions ron, I had the same questions when I first learned of this process.
  15. pignit

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    I think an important thing for any newbies trying this recipe, is make sure you cook the chicken well enough after that last bath to kill any toxins created in the marinade. Each time you put your chicken back in the marinade you are reintroducing and actually cross contaminating. Folks who have been cooking awhile probably are aware of this but to someone new... might not realize the marinade is contaminated from the raw chicken...... but then I'm a safe freak!

  16. bayoubear

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    very well said, gud advice.
    when i cook with similar methods ill split the marinade into two containers.
    one for raw chicken, one for not.
  17. erain

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    i didnt print as i dont have a printer hooked up but i surely saved it!!!

    i see the concerns here, the brine needs to be treated the same as the meat, ie cannot remain in the danger zone, 40-140 deg. for more than 4 hours. and in the last stage the meat must be cooked to temp completly through to be sure any contamination from the marinade bath is eliminated.

    that all said.... sounds like a great recipie which i am for sure going to give it a try. instead of regular oranges i am going to use blood oranges if they have any. last time i went to market they did and they were sorta reasonable. whatever reasonable means these days lol!!! thanks for sharing jager!!!

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