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  1. I picked up a pork loin yesterday and finally got my Lonzino started. It's .25% Cure #2 and 2.75% sea salt. I also cut up 7 navel oranges and squeezed them into the zip lock bag and tossed them in. Now to wait a couple weeks to cure then on to hanging. I'll be using the UMAI dry bags for this bad boy and putting in the back fridge.

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  3. We will be patiently waiting 

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  5. Willie where is my popcorn ?

  6. That looks interesting. Have you done one of these before? Curious to know how it would taste.
  7. CDN, never done it but it's a combination I've seen done on a different forum with great success. I'm very interested to see how it turns out myself.
  8. Here you go Gary [​IMG]
  9. It should be good. I will be watching.


    Happy smoken.

  10. Pulled the loin out of the cure last night and got it bagged into the Umai Charcuterie bag. It fit into the bag with ease, but I must say that the bag was a B! to get vac sealed...even with the vac mouse. I have a chamber sealer and it might just be mine so. Finally got it bag and it's sitting in the bag fridge on a wire rack as of now. I'll get a photo of it tonight to put up, but still looks just like a pork loin since there were no additional spices added. This is a very simple project.


    2/3 - 1713 g
  11. Rigged up a hanging method in the back fridge with some self tapping screws and rod from making my sausage rack. Happy and functional.

  12. Looking great

  13. Thanks Gary.
  14. Update.

    2/9: 1573 grams
    140 grams lost...alittle over 8%

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    Looks good. I want to try the bags till I get a dry chamber built.
  16. C, this bag is hanging in my fridge. They are usually just dried sitting on a wire rack in the fridge. With these bags, there's no need for the chamber.
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    Just checking my in so I can hang around and see the final product. Sounds interesting!
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    Well I can't let Case get ahead of me!

    So cure, OJ and salt....... Thats pretty complicated.
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    I'm in for the ride as well...

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