Orange and Ginger Sausage

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    After watching what seems like endless food programs on tv where they add orange or lemon zest to a recipe I figured it was time to use some in sausage. There's not a whole lot of orange sausage recipes out there so I winged it with this, which came out pretty good, then the wife tweaked it to her liking and it's a solid hit.

    If anyone is interested there is a Greek sausage, Loukaniko that uses orange that sounds good, but this one is sort of asian-ish.

    Orange and Ginger Sausage

    Weight in grams

    Chicken thighs, skinless 1400
    Salt 25
    Orange zest 5
    Garlic, minced 4.2
    Ginger, ground 2.1
    Black Pepper, 2.8
    Reduce orange juice 75ml

    After the test fry the better half requested ;

    Ginger paste 7.5
    Hot pepper 1.7
    Fennel 2.5
    Basil, fresh 8+/-

    Zest an orange to make 2 teaspoons of zest. Add the juice of 2 oranges to a pot and reduce to about half. ( I want the orange flavor but not the extra liquid).
    Grind chilled chicken with fine plate.
    Add seasoning to orange juice and mix with ground chicken until you get a good bind.
    These were stuffed into 24-26 sheep casing and linked into 7” hotdog's

    I used maybe half of the chicken fat and I think even less would be better.
    The orange was noticeable but next batch will have maybe half as much more.
    Fennel was added with the basil to give it a Thai basil flavor. ( that’s what wifey said, and she has taste buds)

    These were pretty colorful so I got carried away with pic's.;

    3 lb rope;


    If ya look real hard you can see the orange.

    And lastly frying a few up for dinner;

    Still working on the homemade bun gig, they're getting better but I guess I wasn't meant to be a baker

    Thanks for looking. :sausage:
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  2. tropics

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    Dan that looks good I do Pork Loins with Orange Marmalade That may save time with the reduction.

  3. crazymoon

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    DMcG, Fine looking sausage and a  nice flavor variation also ![​IMG]
  4. smokinal

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    Crazy good looking sausage Dan!!

    Nice job on the stuffing & linking!

    The recipe looks very interesting!

    Nice shot sitting in the bun!


  5. c farmer

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    Man they are a thing of beauty.
  6. whistech

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    Wow Dan, that sausage looks delicious!     Great job.
  7. Great job Dan, and thanks for turning my stomachmind in a new direction !   [​IMG][​IMG]Double points !
  8. bena

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    Looks delicious!  Great job.
  9. stayhot

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    Those look really good!!!
  10. dirtsailor2003

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    Looks great even the bun!

  11. worktogthr

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    Wow those look delicious! I thought the buns looked great! Points!
  12. disco

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    Sounds wonderful.

    Points for an interesting flavour mix.


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