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Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by alung, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. I moved into a home that has a place for a bbq built into the chimney on the outside of the house. The picture below has the dimensions. I want to build a smoker/bbq in this space. I have a fabricator that has lots of 10 gauge steel available to build whatever we come up with. 

    If this is the wrong forum for this question, please let me know and I'll redirect my question!

    Not knowing anything about building this, I'm here for input. Here's some of the information I think I need, please comment, share your experiences and any information that you think may help me.

    1. The chimney has a dampner in it, we are considering leaving it full open, (the smoker/bbq will control the airflow)

    2. The end solution will be built off site and fit into the hole

    3. I like the idea of a gas burner

        a. I like the gas burner because I can walk away and not worry about it burning out, as it would with charcoal. good/bad idea?

        b. Is there a source that makes stainless steel burner?

        c. other ideas

    4. Does 10 gauge sound like a good stock to build this?

    5. Can it be powder coated?

    6. Any ideas on how to govern air flow?

    7. I'm think the lower portion that is 27" will be all burner and fuel area.

        a. we discussed having a drawer here that will hold the chips and an area to put water, possibly a water container the surrounds the chips? thoughts?

    8. ? I'm sure there is more. Please share your experiences. 

    I will post all build photos and our experience with this, thank you.

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    alung, morning and welcome to the forum.....   Please take a moment and stop into " /Roll Call/   " and introduce yourself and get a proper welcome from our members.... Also, if you would note your location in your profile, it will help in the future when answering questions about smokin'...   elevation, humidity etc....   We're glad you stopped in and joined our group...    Enjoy the long smokey ride....     Dave
  3. I'm still looking for answers on this. We have the sides built and are preparing to order the element. I want to use the system to smoke and bbq. Can somebody help with my questions above, or direct me to the proper location to post this type of stuff. thank you.


  4. fwismoker

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    Ask "Wes W" who is a member on here, he built a very nice brick BBQ and would be some help. 
  5. s2k9k

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    If you are planning on using gas and want to "walk away and not worry about it" then I would really look into a safety shut off valve system, if for any reason the flame did go out and the chimney filled with gas...well you get the picture!
  6. woodcutter

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    These is just a few ideas of how I would look at it but it may not be what you have in your mind.
  7. Thank you. I appreciate the ideas. Any other comments on how to use it like a smoker and a bbq. 

    Since it's wide, maybe I should have two long gas ports, and an electric one in the middle for smoking? 
  8. daveomak

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    Allen, evening...... do you have a meat rack for it ???   If so, throw some briquettes in the bottom and see what temps the grate is...  you will probably need something blocking the air....  from the bottom of the fire pit to the grate so incoming make up air doesn't move all the heat to the back of the grate...  

  9. I think I'm going to take a different approach. I'm thinking about buying a built in bbq and installing it in the brick chimney?

    Any comments, anything I should look out for? 

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