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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by radioguy, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. radioguy

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    I can get this one for $111 on sale at a local store.  It looks pretty fairly built (insulated about 1/2")  and I know it will need some mods to get it work right.  It has what is equivalent to an electric fry pan controller for temp control.   I already have an AMNPS for better smoke generation.  I am currently building a RF cooker but that won't be done for a little while longer.   I got the smoked food bug real bad....for $111.... I could be having smoked meat for breakfast.

    Let me know your thoughts,

    Happiest New Year to ALL!!!

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  3. radioguy

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    Thanks Sarge.

    Sale is over now...but I'll keep my eyes open.

  4. old sarge

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    I also checked Amazon and the SH smokers get good marks. 
  5. sb59

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    Basically the same smoker as Masterbuilt analog " which I own". Good point is if temp. control or heat coil need replacing you can order from Smoke Hollow and install in either smoker. I drilled an adjustable vent in mine because too much humidity and creosote buildup in the Masterbuilt due to small vent in their model. Also found best smoke at lower temps. with sawdust, and pan placed right on top of coils. For real low smoke temps I use the amaz. smoker. No problems with smoke at temps above 180. Picked mine up for $99. bucks a few years ago and Bass Pro had a Masterbuilt mod. on sale before  Christmas for $69.  So keep your eyes open. Can't build a smoker for that price. Always figured in a pinch I could throw a $10. hot plate in the bottom of this unit in a coil emergency.
  6. radioguy

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    Thanks for the comment.  I ended up buying this one for $111, could not pass it up for that price.  You are right can't build one for the price.  The cabinet is fairly stiff, insulated about 1/2".  I do want to get some more ventilation going through this one.  Can you let me know how big a vent you put into your MES?  (intake and exhaust) 

    I just got a AMNPS for good smoke generation.  Most likely will do some sort of mailbox mod is the future.  But I want to do some homework before I cut into this cabinet. 

    Thanks Again!!

  7. sb59

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    Hi RadioGuy,

    My heat coil on the MB analog is on the lower left of center so I drilled a 1 1/2 inch hole upper right rear corner. Then using a folded metal coffee can lid and a pop rivet I made a swinging door to control air flow. The cabinet had a small drip hole in the bottom and the Masterbuilt doors are not air tight so intake has been no problem. I did and 4 small L brackets and a rack to put a drip pan on just above the chip pan and water pan. Keeps the unit cleaner and blocks direct heat from the coils so I slow smoke with indirect heat and don't grill my food. When I use the AMNPS I have just set it on the lower meat rack above this drip pan and have had no problems keeping the dust smoking. When smoking at heat 160 & over I just fill both chip and water pan with dry dust and get plenty of long smoke.
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