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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smoking works, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. smoking works

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    Ok smoking buds, I would like your opinion. All inputs would be appreciated.

    I am thinking of selling my Old Country Wrangler horizontal smoker and buying a 22.5" Weber Smokey Mountain smoker.

    Three reasons I want to do this:
    1. It's really difficult to regulate even temps throughout the Wrangler smoking chamber, even with tuning plates. From what I've read, the WSM is a lot easier to control temps than the Wrangler.
    2. I think I can get more meat in the WSM than the Wrangler.
    3. Space. The WSM does not take up as much space as the Wrangler.

    What do you guys think, Would this be a good move?

    Your thoughts?
  2. That sounds like a good plan. You have covered the bases.

    Happy smoken.

  3. You simply can't go wrong with ANYTHING Weber... they're just GREAT products!![​IMG]
  4. Don't have a WSM but I always hear great things about them. Thinking of getting one myself. Every Weber product I have ever had the chance to use though has been good. Not familiar with your smoker to compare by but it sounds like you got the pros listed pretty well. I don't think you could go wrong you would just need to learn your new setup when you get it.
  5. jirodriguez

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    I switched from a Char-Griller Pro to a 22.5" WSM for all those same reasons and have never regretted it once! The WSM will treat you well and since the new ones come with grommets for the probes already installed you don't even have to mod it like I did with mine. [​IMG]

    My record so far was four 8-10 lb. butts and three 13-15 lb. briskets all at the same time on my 22.5" WSM..... in the middle of December weather.
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  6. Sounds like a plan, good luck

  7. b-one

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    I agree good move you will love the WSM!
  8. If I could sell my Trailmaster LE thats what I would do
  9. I'm not familiar with either so no help here Sorry

  10. timberjet

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    Go for it!

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