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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by fishacura, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. fishacura

    fishacura Newbie

    Hi all. So glad I found you and would value your opinion.

    I have never smoked but always wanted too. I have the opportunity to select the below smoker (for free!!!) as a work gift for hitting a years of service milestone.

    I wanted opinions since I am entering a brave new world. I am interested in wood smoking. Not sure if I can use propane with wood or charcoal with wood but whatever the case I was just curious about any feedback on this model as a starter. Obviously the price is right but I certainly would not mind selecting another gift and purchasing a smoker if this one is a definite "stay away". The price in this link is high because I think this is an older model but it looks like it retails for around $225 or so. Decent unit? Worth a shot for a noob?

    Any feedback is appreciated. THANKS SO MUCH!

  2. dish

    dish Meat Mopper Group Lead

    I know some guys have bought smokers for $500 that are junk.  Don't know much about this one though.  It looks like the reviews are both good and bad.  Hopefully someone pops up that has more info on this smoker.  I purchased my gill on sale for $200 and bought the side firebox "SFB" for $80 and so far I'm impressed.  This grill has a gas and charcoal side with a side burner and attached SFB.                                                                                                                     
  3. dish

    dish Meat Mopper Group Lead

    Hey Fish,

    Type this into the search bar on this website.

    Brinkman Stainless all in one propane water smoker
  4. fishacura

    fishacura Newbie

    Thanks Dish.  I think some of these threads may be useful!  I'm specifically asking as a 'noob' here so if anyone has an opinion on this as a 'starter smoker' feel free to chime in but these other threads also give some good opinions (even if I don't understand half of them lol!)
  5. dish

    dish Meat Mopper Group Lead

    Everyone has to start somewhere.  You can always upgrade to a new smoker.
  6. thmoker

    thmoker Fire Starter

    I was looking at the Oklahoma Joe Highland grill at Walmart for like $270. It looks pretty good for the money...as a starter horizontal coal smoker. It looks like a smaller version of the OK Joe Longhorn. But it ain't no Lang...
  7. looks to me  free is a really good deal ! In words of  our founder Jeff " if you can drag your oven out to the yard and put wood on the burner , you got a smoker"!
  8. Hello there Fishacura!

    I am Leah Elisheva, and I have a "starter smoker" that is ALMOST as nice as the one your link takes us to, except that looks as if there is a temperature gauge (on yours) and mine does not even have one of those.

    That being said, and as a passionate foodie and Wineaux chick, (come join our wine group, "winos & wood chips" in the "groups" section as we have great fun), I invite you to go in and look at some of my pictures (I think one can access this via profiles of one or such) and see if anything at all, is encouraging as far as being able to make healthful and tasty cuisine upon such a thing).

    Meanwhile, here's a shot of a smoked 9-pound smoked lobster, which I did on that machine for example, that's layered atop a black rice and seafood and veggie paella. 

    And so welcome indeed!

    And here's to your passion for food, and for sharing such with others!!!

    Thus worry not about what equipment or dwelling you are making it in, as this place does not judge, and you will absolutely just LOVE it here!

    A fabulous environment indeed!

    OK, enjoy! Cheers! - Leah


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