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Discussion in 'Pork' started by larrym, Sep 30, 2011.

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    Moving up to the next level of cooking but leery :)

    I have been asked to do a pulled pork for the next pitch in.  As I have just smoked for family n friends, I am a little nervous.  I dont think I need to make any big changes in smoking as my last several results have been great but... Now whatever I do is going out on a table for others to try.  I have a couple little things that I have some questions on,, would appreciate everyones thoughts.  Pitch in is on the 14th of October so I have plenty of time.

    1) Pork butt or shoulder ? and I prefer bone in, the biggest I can get from Kroger, probably about 10#'s.  Its not much but I am not trying to feed everyone, just put something there for whoever gets too it first to taste.

    2a)  Rub.  I like my standard brown sugar rub though when I put in fridge overnight, a lot of it melts and drips down to bottom of my plastic wrap.  Once unwrapped, it seems like most is gone from top.  Should I go lightly overnight then rerub again with dry ingredients before I put on smoker ?

    2b)  Fat drippings and sauce ideas ?  I normally just let it all fall down into drip pan and wife and I do not use sauce preferring the plain flavor.  Should I smoke in a foil pan and save juices, then maybe mix that with some type of prepared sauce,, to give them something to drizzle over it on their sandwhich ?  Should I save some of the rub drippings from 2a and mix that in also ?  Or would that be contaminated with pork and a very bad idea ?  Probably if I dont cook it,, would be bad...

    3)  I will be brining it for a minimum of overnight plus adding some savory herbs to that mix. 

    4) I do not spritz or use foil method.  We both like the hard bark.  I asked and there is no preference on smoke flavor,, I have apple, hickory and mesquite chips onhand.  I will smoke to the standard of 205 IT.  Then if I can get my little cooler back from inlaws,, was thinking of putting in an oven bag, wrapping with towels and putting in cooler at least 2 hours before trying to pull it at work.

    Sorry if this is a long post.  I wouldnt be even doing this except the top admin assistant took some of my shredded ham the other day and now wants me to do some pulled pork for her.  With 150 ladies in my area,, I am going to get comments and want to do the best that I can for those that get a taste anyway :)
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