Open Flame Smoking, Oven Storing, Grill Finishing question

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  1. I added an in ground firepit this year and have mixed hardwood to use.  the pit is dug down about 6 inches with one ring of block on top.

    I line my pit with four or five logs covering the floor of the pit.  I then create a tipi on top to get teh fire started and a couple more logs in contruction of the tipi.  As the top burns it eventually lights the bottom floor of wood as well.

    I have a basic swing away grill that I picked up at Menards.  I also have a couple of the cheap oven thermometers to give me temperature ranges on two seperate sections of the grill.

    Here's what I would like to do.

    Reaching about 250 degrees with the pit, I want to add my ribs and toss in some apple wood chunks to the fire for some smoking.

    After three hours, I take the ribs off and place them in foil with apple cider inside of the foil.  The ribs go into the oven at 175 degrees for four hours.  I then pull them out, sauce them and finish them off on my Vermont Castings gas grill.

    Is this safe?

    Will it work?

    Any and all advice a million times over appreciated.
  2. how are you gunna SMOKE with an open grill? seems to me youd just be GRILLING over a wood fire. and if youre doing that why the oven and foil?
  3. You think the smoke won't penetrate the meat while being cooked over open flame?

    Foiling to keep the ribs soft and moist while they wait for me to come back to them.
  4. I still cook it slow with the heat never getting over 250 where the ribs will be.
  5. youre going to get as much smoke as you will grilling over a wood fire, which is what youre doing..youll taste it, but as far as penetrating the meat..i dont think so, well, not like smoking in a smoker would get you. and also, youre going to cook the ribs for a few hours then foil them and then leave them in the oven, until you return and then youre going to finish off on a grill? why not just do them on that open pit you got there and then foil when finished and leave em in a cooler? theyll still be hot, moist, and tender when you pull them out.
  6. So you think they will stay hot for four hours in foil at room temperature?
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  7. theyll stay hot for quite awhile if you put them in a cooler wrapped up in towels. ive left briskets,butts,ribs in coolers wrapped up and pulled them 4-5 hrs later and theres still steam coming out when i and the meats still pretty darn hot. but i guess you could do the same thing, just foil em and leave em in a warm oven in foil and theyll stay the same way i suppose.

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