Open Championship Pulled Pork and Chicken

Discussion in 'Pork' started by soonersmokering, Jul 20, 2013.

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    Thought I'd grace the Brits with good old souther hospitality for the oldest golf championship in the game. Check out that dad gum money muscle it's the size of a freakin tenderloin!

    Beast weighs 13#
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    Mustard massage and dry rub coating.

  3. soonersmokering

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    First attempt at cupcake chicken, ended up using a muffin pan instead fits chicken thighs better. Made them jerk style with an Asian marinade, teriyaki sesame seed.

    Skin was rubbery, I think the bite through skin is overrated. Scraping the fat from the inside of the skin is a pain in the butt. Great flavor though, the pan keeps the chicken super moist and shapely. This will become a go to for sure, very easy to cook and quick. Total time around 2-1/2 hrs on the grill around 275F.

    Glazed with a sauce I whipped up from the pork drippings, out of this world!
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    Here's the finished pork butt. Smoked for 8 hrs then 4 hrs wrapped in foil and apple juice tent liquids, provided an amazing base for a BBQ sauce. After 12 hrs and 200F internal temp, wrapped the butt in a towel and into the cooler for storage until dinner.

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    It all looks great from here.


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