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    Hello bbq lovers of the world,

    Oklahoma here.  I guess I am supposed to talk about the subject I don't like talking about; myself.

    Hmm, lets see.... Oldish (hitting the big 5 0 very, very soon).  I've been smoking foods for 30+ years, got a job in a BBQ joint as a teenager, the cook went to jail and I took over prepping and cooking (supervisor would start cook, I would finish on school days, sometimes going in before school to start the cook).  Here I learned how to make rubs, sauces and pretty much everything to go with BBQ from scratch, we bought nothing already prepared. 

    I currently have 5 smokers and 1 grill.  The smokers range in size from dinner tonight to cooking for a large party, and I have had 4 smokers going at one time before. 

    A thread on this forum lead to the 5th smoker purchase and caused me to register here to post a thank you.
  2. Cool !!!   

    Hello and good evening from East Texas, welcome to the forum. Lots of great information and real good people here..  Post some pictures of all those toys, glad you joined up

    Gary S
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    I thought you were having a massive vowel movement there...

    I look forward to seeing pics of your upcoming smokes.

  4. Welcome from San Diego!!


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