one touch wsm hybrid ?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by 25mike87, Nov 19, 2012.

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    I looked all over didn't come up with much even looked around the virtual Weber site. but my question is can you add the middle section of a 22.5  WSM to a Weber one touch  or a 18.5 WSM to a Weber 18.5. I know that it would be stupid tall but I was just board thinking about cool ways to use the one touch as a good smoker. Or maybe add the 18.5 WSM middle to the new Weber Jumbo Joe.

    Edit: the 18.5 will work if I am reading this right.
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    Mike, morning..... Take a trip to the box store and measure to be sure....  Only way I know to be safe...  Dave
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    yea I might drive down to All Things BBQ I am lucky to have them down the street. I guess I am surprised that no one has tried it. if  I had them both in my back yard I would have done it a long time ago but then again I cant leave things alone, always tinkering...
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  5. I have a Pro-Q stacker for my 18" WSM and although it does fit it's a little tight.  I have talked to others that also have a stacker and using it upside down actually works better.  The problem is if you get one you can't get support or return it because they are no longer in business.  The funny part is the guy who owned the business didn't pay rent and the owner of the building seized all it's contents and have been selling pro-Q's on ebay and via surplus stores for the last 2 years lol.
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  6. I purchased a new Weber Jumbo Joe from Lowe's a couple of days ago.  This thing will totally replace my smaller Smokey Joe.  Thanks for the Pro Q WSM 18.5" Stacker info!  Just ordered one from the Stifflers Surplus link.  $33 for the stacker plus $25 Fed Ex ground for a $58 total expense.  Can't wait to get the stacker.  Will definitely try the upside down stacker mod.  Way cool!!!
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    I believe they only sell extensions for the 22.5" version.


    Oops, just re-read the OP. I guess he's looking for either or. Nevermind.
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  9. Update on the Pro Q WSM 18.5" Stacker that I purchased back in mid March.

    The Jumbo Joe lid fits perfectly on the Pro Q Stacker with the Stacker upside down.

    Problem is the side of the Pro Q Stacker that rests inside the Jumbo Joe body is about 1/4" diameter wider than the inside of the Jumbo Joe.

    Because of this the Pro Q Stacker does not seat inside the Jumbo Joe.  Some type of modification is required to get the Pro Q Stacker to fit inside of the Jumbo Joe.

    Haven't figured out how to handle this yet.  Have put the project on back burner 'til I have some downtime to invest in it. 
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    There used to be several threads at the VWBBB site on using the main body and lid from a WSM on the One Touch Platinum 18.5" base.  I would think the 22.5" WSM body would work with the 22.5" bases also.

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