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Discussion in 'Jokes' started by dingle, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. dingle

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    The Detroit Red Wings foreign scout flies to Bagdad to watch a young Iraqi play hockey, in the new American-sponsered league, is suitably impressed, and arranges for him to come to the US.

    Ken Holland signs him to a one-year contract, and the kid joins the team for the pre-season.

    Two weeks later the Wings are down 4-0 to the Blackhawks with only 10 minutes left. Mike Babcock gives the young Iraqi the nod, and he goes in. The kid is a sensation-scores 5 goals in 10 minutes and wins the game for the Wings! The fans are delighted the players and coaches are delighted and the media loves the new star. When the player comes off the ice he phones his mother to tell her about his first day of NHL hockey. "Hello mom, guess what?" "I played for 10 minutes today, we were down 4-0, but I scored 5 goals and we won. Everybody loves me, the fans, the media, they all love me."

    "Wonderful", says his mom, "let me tell you about my day. Your father got shot in the street and robbed, your sister and I were ambushed, raped, and beaten and your brother joined a gang of looters, and all while you were having such a great time."

    The young Iraqi is very upset. "what can I say mom, but I'm so sorry."

    "Sorry? You're sorry?" says his mom, "Its your fault we moved to Detroit in the first place!"
  2. richtee

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    Of course I have heard that. To quote W.C. Fields' gravestone: "I'd rather be here than Philadelphia."

  3. ibsmoking

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    Thats a good one![​IMG]
  4. walking dude

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    CRAP.......d88de grabs the windex to clean the monitor off AGAIN...........LOLOL.........good one
  5. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Bet ya wished ya kept Ozzy ;{)
  6. lcruzen

    lcruzen Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    So how come no one picks on Cleveland anymore?[​IMG]

    Going to the Tigers game tonight so I'll say farwell now! What's the name of that new Q joint down there?
  7. dingle

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    Come on now Richtee. That was not a slam on The Wings. You were just the first one I thought of after reading that!! LoL
  8. richtee

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    Sorry... I just get tired of the "Detoilet" jokes. I'm on a few hockey forums and I get an AWFUL lot of that.

    But I still bet ya wished ya'd kept him. I admit I raised an eyebrow when he came back, but honestly, I felt better with him than Hasek. I din't expect the performance he put in tho. That's 3 Cups, 2 with him as starting goalie. Great career, really.
  9. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Eh stop by here...3 miles offa 75. I'll set ya up with a french dip!
  10. bbqgoddess

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  11. lcruzen

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    Don't let git to ya Rich! Hockeytown is a pretty nice place to be in the spring time don't you think?

    Dip sounds good after seeing them yesterday but I'll have to take a rain check this time!

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