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Discussion in 'Beef' started by danbono, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. danbono

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    Hi All I have a 10 lb Angus choice packer to smoke on my COS. Need it done one day,put it on in the morning for dinner at 6 PM, was thinking of Hot N Fast/270-300*. Foil at 165-170?
    Should I separate the point from the flat/cut it in half?
    Picked out a very flexible packer.What makes a flexible packer better to smoke?
    Thanks Dan
  2. noboundaries

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    Dan, you could do all of the above.  Personally I'd leave it intact and wrap sooner, at the first stall.  They usually stall in the 150s but my last brisket did not stall until it hit 165-167 IT. IT may drop as much as 10 degrees after you wrap, especially if you use cold liquids in the wrap, but don't sweat it.  All part of the process.  Make sure you keep smoke on it the whole time before you wrap to get a nice smoke ring.

    If you put the meat on at 6 AM at the latest, meaning you got your fire started earlier, you'd be fine.  If so inclined, put it on at 5 AM just to give yourself some leeway.  When I do briskets hot and fast, which is how I do just about everything except ribs, I figure about an hour/lb on the smoker prior to the rest period.

    If you have any concerns on time you can crank up the temp once it is wrapped.  Before I started smoking meat I oven roasted many a delicious, succulent brisket at 350F.  Once you wrap it, you are basically oven roasting it inside the wrap. 

    Pull at 200F IT and do the poke test for tenderness, then let it rest still wrapped covered in towels for at least an hour before slicing or chopping.

    Have fun!    
  3. Hello Dan, Fat firms up when it gets cold, if it is flexible that means it doesn't have that thick piece of fat running through between the point and flat. An Angus Choice will be a great brisket. Look at the fat cap and trim it down to about a 1/4" all over. I would start early and smoke at about 225º If you are going to invest a whole day in smoking a brisket, you sure want it to turn out great. I smoked a brisket and a bunch of other stuff weekend before last, here is the link, check it out
  4. danbono

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    Also have spares trimmed down to St Louis. To go in the smoker 4 hrs after the Brisket
     Here is the fire plan.
    1 layer of Kingsford Blue.
    2 pcs of 6" x 3" Pecan, for flavor
    1 layer of Royal Oak Lump.
    White Birch 12" x 3-4" for heat.
    Any thoughts on my plan of fire.
     Thanks Dan
    PS Picked up the White Birch at Home Depot, just to give a try for heat.

  5. danbono

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    Hi All The brisket is trimmed and the ribs are cut and rubbed..All ready to go for tomorrow.
    Pics to come soon
  6. danbono

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    Hi All The brisket went in at 7:30 am. Warpped at 11:30,probe tender at 2:30.
    Took the temp with my Therapan 216*. Results tasty, tender, a bit over done, on the dry side..Had to slice thick so it won't fall apart. Bark was about 1/16"-1/8" thick hard as rock,made slicing a pain. Brunt ends came out just OK.
    The ribs save the day..Temps 275/325
    Thanks Dan

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  7. Hey Dan, try lowering your cooking temp to around 225º and allow for a longer cook time, shouldn't dry out. Bark and smoke ring look excellent . Ribs look super.

    Gary S
  8. danbono

    danbono Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Hi Gary  I wanted to try the Hot n Fast method of smoking a brisket..Did a few briskets with slow cooking 225/250 same results, tasty,tender, but on the dry side, whatever method I used.

    Thanks Dan

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