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    after finishing the 200 gal smoker i decided i really want something smaller for the occasional cookout but big enough for the extended family gathering at my house. i picked up 4 tanks not to lang ago and decided to kill the short fat one first i calculated it to be 70 gals its 24 wide 32 overall and 21 1/2 weld to weld. i think it will make a nice 2 rack unit my brother is suppose to take my numbers from the calculator and put it into cad for me later today so i will post that when its done. i have the valves out and dawn and water in it now for the last couple days plan on emptying it and refilling with water and tsp today, but im still scared to death of cutting this thing with the plasma. i know it should be fine after a few time of filling and rinsing but the whole cutting a propane tank seems like such a bad idea i will post picks as it comes along

    will be using the one in the middle
  2. symonds86

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    well i can upload my drawing but i started building ad will hopefully have pics tomarrow
  3. symonds86

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    Got my half moon cut out of the tank
    Found this piece of 1/4 inch in the drop room at work was 17 inches wide and 10 on the sides and about 4 ft long was mis bent for the job but worked for a firebox
    Firebox started its 17x18
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    Sheared some plate I had laying around for the end of the fire box and the door also sheared and bent a piece for my rf plate worked real well in my big smoker with a 1 inch bow in the middle so hope it does here too. I also got some strap for the cc door and some angle for the cooking rack and to got around the door like on one of rib wizards builds. Got some rebar for a fire rack as well hope this weekend I will be able to do some building
    Rf plate
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    Got some work done yesterday burned out the cc to get rid of the smell and lucky me the paint came off too. the fire box is welded up and mounted i used one of ribwizards ideas of double plating the top with a 1/2 inch gap, i aslo tris to mount it as little inside the cc as i could do. rf plates in and the doors cut out. I'm waiting for the hinges to show up to mount the fb door and cc door. My cc door also sprung in some so I have to fix that somehow. After I took the first pictures I saw I made a stupid mistake while building lets see if ya can see what it is
    Here it is with my stupid mistake fixed
  6. symonds86

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    Ribwizzrd how do you make your pie vent I see on all your builds do you just free hand them with a Plasma?

  7. radioguy

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    I remember seeing a wood / plywood template for pie vents somewhere in here.

  8. daveomak

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    Here is what I have....   Dave

    .......click on pic to enlarge.......

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    ok thanks dave 
  10. symonds86

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    Well this is what I came up with pretty much stole rib wizards idea but used my vinyl cutter like a redneck or poor mans cad and made a template and cut it out in vinyl then stuck it to the bottom of the fb and a piece steel traced them and then cut them out. Used an old valve spring and a bolt to keep it tight. Not
    The prettiest but should work. I plan to add a small one up high on the side of the fb also.

    I really with this little guy was done I'm trying a roast and some veggies for Labor Day and the. But ones way to big but getting the job done well despite wind and rain that comes and goes great day for smoking
  11. symonds86

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    been a while but i have been busy lately with my other hobby that im trying to get out of racing  but i have finished the smoker and plan to use it tomorrow. 

    as you can see racing coulda gone better i had a nose when i started lol

    fab done and about ready for paint

    cook chamber grate

    fire box grate

    stack cover to keep the critters out

    my first try at making my own handles i think they came out pretty good but i am a lil bias

    here it is finished and fire up curing the paint


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