On the Road to Stickdom: My First Salmon Smoke

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  1. Did my first salmon smoke. Purchased a 2.5lb salmon filet.

    Marinade for 1 hour in 2.5 gallon zip lock bag: 3/4 cup lemon juice, 3/4 cup corn oil, 1Tbsp of Worcestershire sauce

    Got my fire started. I'm determined in becoming a member of the Royal Order of  Stick Men.[​IMG]  Target smoker temp is 250 degrees. Started with 3 pecan logs and a chimney of charcoal.

    My big Oklahoma Joe is in a fairly enclosed area so I use my ever dependable Stoker

    10 CFM fan

    Removed salmon from marinade and placed in a foil boat. Coated salmon with mayo and Miracle Whip (optional)

    Sprinkled with my home made rub and store bought salmon seasoning

    Have a nice blue smoke

    After reaching target temperature of 250 degrees, inserted two food probes: 1 from Stoker the other from my ET-732 BQ thermometer and placed in chamber. Target internal temperature of 145 degrees. No basting was necessary.

    Prepared side dish of smoked onions, sweet peppers and mushrooms.

    2lbs mushrooms, 2 large brown onions cut in quarters, sweet bell peppers halved, 1 1/2 cups melted butter,  1Tbsp home rub, 1/2tsp restaurant pepper, 1/2tsp sea salt. Smoke for 1 hour.

    Removed from smoker after internal temp of 140 degrees (about 1.5 hours) and tented for 20 min.

    Smoked side dish. Butter sauce can be used on plated salmon.

    Salmon...IT'S FOR DINNER!

    Salmon had nice lemony flavor

    I've learned a lot about my smoker. I know how much wood I need to reach certain temperatures. Smoker works well when wood is closer to the chamber. Having steady air makes it nearly fool proof. If fire starts to drop I stoke the fire by spreading the embers—usually raises temp and gives me 30 minutes more energy before adding another log. For this smoke I added 1 log of mesquite. For a 3-4 hour high temp smoke I usually use about 5-6 logs and a chimney of lumped charcoal.
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      If it turned out the way you like it, Job well done!  It does look good!


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