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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by rkwalt, Mar 7, 2012.

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    I have smoked a lot of bacon and chickens before and now am looking to smoke approx 55lbs of venison/pork ring bologna, 30lbs of beef/pork summer sausage and 25lbs beef/pork snack sticks all mixed at 50/50.  I want to hot smoke this til it is able to be eaten cold with out cooking it any further.  The local meat locker said that 155 deg F is all I need to acomplish this for every meat item.  He had also stated that I should smoke at 200 deg F from the start of smoking.  Is this too hot too fast?  I do not normally smoke this fast!  Any suggestions would be great! 
  2. danmcg

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    I'd keep the smoker under 170-175 max and get there slowly over time. I also agree with the 155 internal temp although some will say higher and some lower
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    Thanks for the info!  I will see how it goes this weekend.
  4. jjmrascal

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    Agreed.  Going above this temp will cause the fat to render and you will be left with a dry product.
  5. I'd recommend IT of 160-165 since it has pork in it.
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    Now I cure 90% of my sausage so I start out low maybe 70*-80* to start and then move the temp up 10* at a time and smoke for a longtime. Now when I get the temp up I like to take my sausages to about 156*ish maybe 165* max. I just don't want to melt all the fat out of the sausage.
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    Thanks everyone!  Just started it up! 
  8. slownlow

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    sounds good.  Don't forget the Qview !

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