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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by floridasteve, Aug 9, 2015.

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    Last week I bought a whole chicken on sale for $1/lb. I love chicken, but I'm always disappointed in my attempts. I was going to cook this Friday. I cut out the backbone and snipped the wishbone. I loosened the skin and worked rub underneath, rubbed the outside with mayo and added more rub. I went outside and started the MES -- then the phone rang. It was a client who was starting another home flip and wanted my opinion on the remodel (I'm a Realtor). So off went the smoker and the chicken, already on the grate, was put back in the fridge.

    The next day I started over again, only I was worried that the chicken might have dried out from sitting in the fridge -- I had only tented it with foil. So, I decided to inject. Didn't have any broth or juice, so I decided I'd inject with my mopping fluid. I usually use a mixture of bourbon and honey, but I was out of both, so I start rummaging in the cupboards. I found some low calorie pancake syrup and some maple flavoring, so they got mixed together. To thin it the only thing I could find was some finishing sauce I'd made the last time I did a butt -- some meat drippings, spices, lots of papporica and bourbon (are you seeing a theme here?). It tasted wonderfully so I injected and put in in the smoker with maple pellets. Every 45 minutes so so it got basted. About 3 hours later the breast was a 161 & the thigh was at 170, so out of the smoker onto the hot grill it went to crips the top side.

    It was delicious! Moist and flavorful with a hint of maple flavor throughout! I'll never cook a chicken any other way.

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    Tasty looking bird! Air drying poultry in the fridge 8-12 hours or overnight is one of the best ways to get the skin to crisp up. So leave me your bird like you did wasn't an issue, in fact it's pretty common. I let me turkeys go uncovered in the fridge overnight when ever I do them. If I don't have time to air dry poultry, I will use a hair dryer on low right before putting the bird on.
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    Thanks, sailor. I'll remember the hair drier trick!
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    Steve , your Chicken looks good . Brinig has it's virtues and add8ng flavor is easy with this technique .

    Have fun and . . .

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