On a diet and still using my smoker

Discussion in 'YAWYE' started by jimf, Mar 23, 2012.

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    I am participating In a weightloss competition at my church. I have been doing really well but with the recent awesome weather we have been getting in the dc area, I got the craving for that smoke flavor

    The normal meats we smoke most of the time is fatty and the things we add to the meat is not the best for us.. And is NOT on my diet. So I bought organic bone in chicken breast, removed the skin, and used a low sodium no sugar over the counter dry rub. I then placed it on my smoker at 250 degrees until it had an internal temp of 165.

    Once done and cooled, I pulled the chicken and bagged it. I then used it to top my salads for the week. Ummmmm :grilling_smilie:
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    Yess! You can smoke and do it with your health in mind!  See my Naked Dixee Chicks link on my sig line - they were delicious and lo-fat and lo-sodium too!  Amazing how much fat you take off when you skin the birds, and they turned out great without the skin!  Your expectation changes also - you don't want all that fat, you expect leaner, but don't settle for drier - brining them is the key!
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    My thoughts exactly!  LYou need moisture and flavour.

    Mikeose the skin and brine. Don't add a lot of salt to the brine, though.
  4. Check out .... Smoked boudin sausage

    I am not from the deep south .. So I adjust to little or no hot pepper .. Cajun spice is great ..low in salt ... And the pork ( forget the liver IMHO ) is pre boiled so you can remove the fat .. Also use pork loin as the base .. Mix it up with some low sodium chicken broth to boil the pork in ... Etc.

    So in essence you are getting the smoked flayor you seek in a sausage made of lean boiled pork with rice and a few good things like onion green pepper and celery tossed in ..

    You control the Cajun flavor, salt content, and the amount of smoke ... Low fat .. Low salt

    Boudin by name .. Only ..... :). Good Luck with your reduction

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