Olive loaf

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  1. Col.’s   Olive Loaf
    6lbs. of Lean Beef
    4 lbs. of Pork Butt
    2 Tbs. ground white pepper
    2 Tbs.  Ground Mustard
    1.5 tsp. Ground Celery
    1.5 tsp. Ground Nutmeg
    1.5 tsp. Ground Coriander
    1.5 tsp. Garlic Powder

    1.5 tsp. Onion powder
    2/3 Cup Brown Sugar
    2 Cups Powdered Milk
    6 Tbs.  Salt
    3 Cups of Ice Water
    2 Teaspoons cure #1

    2 Tbs. special meat binder
    2 jars stuffed Green Olives
    put in ham mold and bake in the oven at 170°F degrees 8 hrs. then cool overnight in fridge, unmold, slice and package
    [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]grinding


    empty bucket mixer

    the business end of the mixer

    meat added

    spices added


    mold packed

    lid on ready to bake


    sliced and ready to package

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  2. Looks real good. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy smoken.

  3. mike65

    mike65 Meat Mopper

    Yummy - Olive Loaf.  Looks like a lot of work to prepare.
  4. smokint

    smokint Fire Starter

    Looks great, love your press, would work great for my Gyro meat...Where do I get one?

    Do you have plans for that mixer?

  5. chef jimmyj

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    I have never seen a press like that but the same technique is needed for Pate's. I don't know what temp you cook your Gyro meat at, I would like to see a Recipe BTW, but you can fashion a cover for the pan from wood or other material and apply pressure with a Culinary Brick. Aka...any old Brick you got laying around, washed well and wrapped in Foil...JJ
  6. boykjo

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  7. driedstick

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    Looks good, nice job
  8. Oh my that looks fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing!
  9. smokint

    smokint Fire Starter

    Thanks, Jimmy

    I started by using Alton Browns recipe, would link it but... I have made this half dozen times now over the last few years and still tweaking his recipe.

    I have cut back on the rosemary added some cumin, oregano, and thyme.

    I will be making this again in the next month or so, if I like how it turns out I will post the recipe.  I do use a brick and plywood to weigh it down over night, I also split this recipe into 2 loaf pans one LB each as I like the thinner slices it produces

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  10. skully

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    hot damn, looks good.  i bet you do a little pan fry on that and throw it between to slices of good bread with some mozz. cheese.  mmmmmm good.
  11. weisswurst

    weisswurst Smoke Blower

    I sure am glad I checked my E-mail!! I have made various " loaf " type meats. Including olive loaf. Some times I get voids inside. While I roll it and knead it and press it , Dah , it never dawned on me to use some kind of pressure to keep it down. I will use this concept with other loafs. This will improve them greatly. Just 1 question. When you mix in the olives do you drain and dry them quite well? I have to or it seems like any liguid will break down the meat. Thank you very much for sharing this with us. Is there such a device on the market? If not a weight wrapped in foil will work. Thanks again and happy SM Weiss wurst.
  12. I still get small voids, I only drain the olives add and mix by hand. I only used 1 12-oz jar in the recipe and its a little skimpy so I've changed the recipe to add 2 jars next time. Enjoy

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