"Older" old Country Offset smoker and OKJ rebuild kicking off

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    What unit do I have? I have had this little guy for about 6 years. It is just a small unit. Only a 16 inch wide barrel chamber. It cooks like a dream and is a wiz for maintaining temps. It even has the grease flow "slant". Well last year I bought a Oklahoma Joe Highland unit from Lowes. I was excited for the size as I could cook more for larger gatherings. But it had to be worked a lot in order to get it to function properly. I had a buddy weld up the firebox and then had to get leak felt gasket to help seal it on the door for the cook chamber. It sorta worked.

    My problem was maintaining heat and seems like a roller coaster compared to my smaller offset. To fix that I ordered a baffle plate from islandbbq and heat bricks. That was magic and did the trick. I was then able to use it for larger gatherings along with my older smoker. I see they now make a baffle tuning plate for the Pecos. Is that what I have?

    My Unit is the old standard 16 inch. But it has the 1/4 inch metal that I simply just adore to no end. Just want a slight enhancement. would you recommend the tuning plate from Horizon?

    As for the OK Joe I am bringing it back into my stable. The unit was neglected badly and was left our during almost the whole winter. I intended last year to paint the thing with some very expensive paint. But I never got the chance as I gave it to my brother. I was at his house the other day and noticed an older offset smoker in his back yard and did not see the one I gave him.

    I asked him about it and he said it was the same one. It was rusted badly in a few places and was evident he did not care. He said he used it once and then left it sitting. I opened the firebox and there it was a huge pile of ashes surround by rust. I open up the main chamber and there was a massive sea of grease on the bottom and the baffle plate rusting on top. I said I am taking it and he did not care.

    I am starting a restor on a 1 year old smoker. Dang that sounds bad. Anyway My son and I are stripping all of the old paint and rust off and will have it welded up even more. Every nut and bolt and screw was rusted. I am going to have this thing welded up everywhere like my OC smoker. Going to toss the bolts on the legs, exhaust pipe, fire box/chamber, and handles. Going to have them all welded. The pan warmer is also going bye bye. Will have those holes welded shut.

    I will also have some gate latches put on the cook chamber door to help seal the leaks. And then I will paint it and smoke away. But yeah I cannot believe my brother treating it like this. Still disappointed in the metal thickness of the OKJ. My OC unit is way heavier and is a joy. Still wondering what the bottom handle is for under the main chamber. We took some before pics and some of us stripping the paint and rust. Will post the before and after pics when it's all done.
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    You inherited a mess. But it sounds like you got a good game-plan to restore it. Looking forward to seeing before and after pictures.
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