Older Brinkman Smoke n Pit Cooking Grates

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  1. I refurbished an old Brinkman Smoke n Pit. But the cooking grates were missing.

    The ones I am using sit in the middle of the firebox opening and I'm unsure if that is where they should be or closer to the top nearer the main door area.

    It's the older really heavy unit. Of course no info on Brinkman.


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    My 5 year old SnP 40" has a lip about 3/8" below the top edge of the lower chamber section...that lip is the grate support. I'm not familiar with the old models, but they just have a few tabs to support the grates, while mine has a full-length lip. If you measure your grate width, it is probably 18" front to back, and approx 38" total width with  little wiggle-room on all sides. Mine has 3 grates. If these measurements are close to the grate area of your old SnP then you may be able to order new porcelain-coated grates.

  3. Thanks Eric
    I think I'll drill several holes and put in some stainless steel nuts and bolts to raise my grates.
    Got it all seasoned and ready to go. Going to drop the stack a little inside as well.
    Thanks Again

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