Old Venison - use or pitch?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by krooz, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. krooz

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    Cleaned out my deep freeze today - which it desperately needed. Anyway, I have some loin from the 2014 deer season that I'll use for jerky. But, I also have 20lbs of vacuum packed burger from 2014 as well. It doesn't look freezer burned but I imagine it has lost something. I wouldn't use it for burgers I don't think, but would it be OK for summer sausage or similar? I just made 12lbs of summer sausage though, so I don't really want to go that route right now.

    Suggestions? - pitch it? Hate to waste a resource but it was buried in there and I didn't realize it..... : (
  2. litterbug

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    I've wondered the same thing before.
  3. The first idea that comes to mind is a big batch of CHILI!  [​IMG]

    The last batch I made I used Ground Sirloin, cubed Tri-Tip, and slow-smoked Pulled Pork Mmm!
  4. mowin

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    I cleaned my freezer out just before deer season and found some backstraps from 2013 that were vac sealed. They tasted great.
    Had burgers that were vac sealed for over a yr and they were fine also.
  5. bearcarver

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    I've had a lot of things in my freezer longer than that, vacuum packed. Freezer always at below Zero.

    Looked OK, No Bad Smells, tasted great !!

    That's why we vacuum pack.

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  6. 2 years ago, I found a pack of 2009 cubed deer steak, thawed, looked and smelled normal, fried it up and had it for dinner. I didn't tell my wife until we finished eating. She has the most sensitive taster I know of and she could not tell any difference. Vacuum sealing is the key. Older ground meat I use for meat loaf, chili, spaghetti sauce. 
  7. krooz

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    Great, thanks all - I'll be using it up some way or another!

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