Old Smokey - 10 lb Boston Butt!!!

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  1. This past Saturday I did the largest smoke I've ever done, a 10 lb Boston butt on the smoker. I'm smoking with an Old Smokey. I've read tons of places about the issues of getting a bark with this type of smoker, so I tried a little different method and I think it was pretty successful considering. I started the smoke at 5am and finished around 5pm. That seems fast, but because the smokey is something like an oven because it's more of a contained smoker, things cook faster. When the temps were about 140, I cracked the lid a little bit to remove the moisture from the chamber and to allow bark to begin forming. For some reason, at an IT of 165 the smoker stopped heating....not sure what happen here. I went ahead and wrapped it and popped it in the oven at 280 to finish it off. Here's the end product. A good smoke flavor and pulled pretty darn easy.

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    Nice smoke bud. Bark could be darker, but that meat looks nice and moist. Great work!
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    Looks good regardless of how you finished it off. Love it when the bone slips out like that....you know good eats ahead. Good job...add some pics of that unit?.........Willie
  4. Thanks gents. I was pretty happy how it turned out given the size. I must say seeing a 10 lb hunk of meat was somewhat intimidating at first. I'll tip my hat to Sams Club though. Went there to get the larger piece and all they had were 13+ lbers. I asked the butcher if we could cut one down to size and they were more than happy to slice one up for me. Even let me pick the nicest hunk and give me which half of the piece I wanted, and for $2.48 a lb I couldn't pass it up. 

    As of now, I'm planning on saving up for a few weeks and just get an MES30 so I can get that signature bark. It's next to impossible with this type of unit, but I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of bark I got with the methods I used. 
  5. Looks good , great job

    Gary S
  6. Thanks gary!

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