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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by austinl, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. austinl

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    Let me first say I am surprised by how many people on here seem to use these dual-zone wireless gadgets for watching temps.  Personally I went with a slightly different method.  When I bought the smoker I went to an industrial supply store (having experience with gauges in the oil field) and bought a couple high quality bi-metal (analog) dial gauges to watch the cooking temperature.  If I want to check the temperature without "babysitting" I take a gander out the back kitchen window, lol.  To check my food temperature I bought the one and only NSF rated food thermometer Target had for a whopping $15.  I do have to open the smoker for a minute or so to check my food using this type of thermometer however, my smoker will recover the temperature within just a few minutes so because of the low cost and good accuracy I will not complain.  Those industrial gauges I have in the smoker cost a few pennies more at $45/ea. so I'm not trying to imply my method saves money over those wireless setups, only sharing my method. 
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    I have used el cheapo therms with good success.  But I always do the ice water and boiling water test.  Some of the el cheapos have been more durable than some of the more expensive units.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Venture X2.  Always check your thermos regardless of expense...
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    Still it's nice to know the food temp without looking inside.
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    Any thermo can be used accurately, you just need to factor in the inaccuracy...sounds like an OXYMORON

    I do however like the wireless when using frank (mainly for the pit temp), so if I am upstairs in the living room and have the wireless with me I can safely monitor the pit temps without guessing and running downstairs unnecessarily to check it.

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