Old Freezer converted to a hot n cold smoker

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  1. Here's some pics of a build I did a few years back when my freezer gave up and died on me. Gave it a new life by gutting it out and removed the plastic linings and trim that was in it. It was an older model freezer, so the insides were mostly metal and very little plastic. The insulation was fiberglass so that was left in place, and the trim was replaced with metal flashing and the door was replaced with 12 ga. sheet metal that was pop riveted back into place to hold the door insulation.



    The shelf/rack supports were made out of untreated hickory, notched so that the rods would not roll when sausages were hung or jerky trays were placed on them. The heating element and thermostat control was from an old Reddy Smoker that the bottom had burned through. So I cut the bottom rim from the old barrel where the thermostat and the heating element connected and reconnected them by drilling holes into the inside of the freezer, then connected back up using high heat wire and some bent scrap metal trim to protect the connections from moisture dripping onto them.


    Added a SS sheet I had cut to fit and a hole cut into the surface to fit a rain cap to use as a diffuser of the smoke and to keep whatever might drip from falling onto the element. The SS shelf has a tilt to the back so anything that might drip down runs to the back to where the drain tray, that was in place when it was a freezer, allows to drain out of the bottom. The supports are untreated Hickory 1 x 2's  that I cut 1 inch angles into and hung them with metal screws into the sides. I use 1 x 1 squared hickory rods as the rods to hang sausage with or to use as brackets to hold jerky trays. Being squared they won't roll with whatever I'm using, and can be adjusted to allow for different tolerances inside.



    The thermostat for the element allows for different heat settings and gradual temperature increases, naver have had to use it above 180 degrees. It was mainly made for smoking sausage and jerky etc. So when making sausage and adding heat it was no problem adding sawdust in a tray for smoke, but when using it for cold smoking, it was not as effective, having to use charcoal briquettes and chunks of wood. Never had real long smoke times and constantly opening the door to add more live coals. Now that I'm using the AMZNPS, I can use it with plenty of cold smoke time with no heat for cheese, and/or with heat added for sausage, bacon and other items mainly no fanning of the door. Thanks for looking.




    Still new to posting pics on this site, so again my apologies if they are too big or do not fit the size polycies or restrictions.
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      Nice looking build. Congrats on a great sausage smoker!

  3. Use the "picture" icon above to post pics.

    Here you go!

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    Nice set up. Like the heat shield around the element and the baffle plate. Nice job! How hot can you get her?
  5. Thanks goingcamping, tried that icon the other day and it wouldn't let me add pictures directly for some reason. Guess I wasn't holding my mouth just right or sumthin'...Thank You

    Thanks So MS Smoker

    @lu1847 have had it up to about 250 degrees, but never have smoked anything in it at that temp. I have other smokers that would do better jobs for cooks that high. I made this primarily for sausage, and jerky and now cheese. [​IMG]
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    Great idea on the heat shielding/venting. Nice.

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