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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by kingt36, Jul 15, 2013.

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    Good Afternoon all..

    I haven't had a chance to get my new baby seasoned yet, however I have been checking it out. I've noticed that there isn't too much room for ashes in the firebox as the grate for the coal/wood sits fairly low. Have any of you had any problems getting ashes out during a long cook? How about with air flow? I'm thinking about finding some bricks to raise it up an inch or two and wanted to see if anyone else went that route.

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    king, morning....   Add bolts to the bottom of the basket to raise it up....   bricks take up too much room and block air flow.....     Dave
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    Great idea! thanks..
  4. Hey I don't have a wrangler but I do have the ranch hand. Smaller but same build. What I had to do was have a piece of expanded metal cut at work for my wood and coals to go on. The steel plate offered hardly any airflow so I ditched it. Also I made the expanded metal sit up a bit higher. Bottom of firebox to expanded metal is 4 inches. Also was ably to stabalize temps better this way. I have also learned to keep my fire close to center of the fire box and not close to the cook chamber. Good luck and hope to see some qview soon!
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    Here is what I did I moved the solid part with the groves that is suppose to be for the wood to the pit area it matched up perfect with the fire box outlet in the pit made a tuning plate out of it kind of. keeps pretty even temps now straight across . Then took the cooking grate out of fire box and moved it down to where the solid piece was making it my new grate for wood. I also drilled two new holes for two temps at  grate level
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    Good pit! Just picked one up myself and I'm loving it so far! Twice now I have burnt wood for 12 hours and have generated a lot of ashes but not enough to have caused any problems that I noticed. Fire still seems to breath well. I do like the idea Razataz had about moving the grate to the bottom of the fire box and using that instead of the tray. I plan to try that on my next smoke.

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