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  1. I had a topic in another section of the forum with far less traffic. I'm trying to get some feedback on these pits as my old Charbroil has finally died. I want to step up to a higher quality Pit, but still keep it under $500.  

    Someone was kind enough to recommend the Old Country Wrangler and I asked what the difference between that one and the PEcos model was. Any thoughts?

    Also, I posed this question...

    I've come across the Old Country Wrangler in my research too. It would definitely fit the bill.  I'm a little nervous though, as I do NOT live close to an Academy Sports store, so I'd have to order it online. From the reviews I've read, It sounds like no two are just alike and some have great welds and workmanship, and some are lacking. Most reviews say to carefully look at all the pits available at a store to pick the best one. If I order online, I get what I get... 

    Anyone here have any experience with getting a poor one when ordering online? 

    I realize that reviews sometimes blow things out of proportion, but I don't want to screw this up since I'm not a welder and would not be able to fix things myself. 

    Thanks in advance! 
  2. I drove 90 miles to the Academy store that had more than one Wrangler. All 4 were different in quality, but I picked the one that the lids had the tightest fit. I used a piece of paper to check the lids in several different places. For me, I would not take the chance of buying online, it was worth the drive.
  3. That's interesting... Sounds like I may have to make the drive to Orlando to ensure a good pic. Thanks

    Anyone else have experience with an online order? 
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    I don't know where your other thread was, but if you will look it up I think you will find that I posted a fairly lengthy suggestion.

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