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  1. I have seasoned my smoker. And I have added 4 tuning paltes to it. But I was thinking about adding two more
    gauages to it about grate level..not sure how far I should bring them over for the edge of the cooking chamber. Iwas thinking about 10" but not sure, I know to get them level with the grate but not sure how far over could anone help me with this I would appreciate it a lot
    Roll Tide
    David Mason
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    Justolepop , welcome .

    You will have a nice smoker when done modding.

    You must leave enough room for the Smoke to flow easily ( I have 5" below my grate and that gives plenty of room for Smoke to escape...

    The Therms . are at a good place , if you want the temp. of the upper part . place it level with the upper rack.

    I think I'm understanding what you want . Q-view would help a lot...\

    Have fun and . . .
  3. Thanks for the information
  4. Added 2 therm 7' over and about 4" up on each side. Got muy tuning plated adjusted and at the grill level we were only 10°off at grate levefrom fire box to chimney YEA. smoked two hams and they turned out great.Only thing was jsut a little much hickory taste.Question: How do you keep form getting to much Hickory and keep a good fire, I use Kingsford Competion Bricket..they burn hot and long..I think I read that smoke flavoer is best for the first two hours..after that shoul i just keep adding coal to keep fire going? I am a newbe at this so don't think my question is stupid plead lol..
    Oh yea Ikeep a goo heat on borht enad 225° tha whole time
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  6. thanks I will check it out

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