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  1. Hi all, long time member but seldom post.  I'm looking to upgrade my smoker (currently use a charbroil barrel type) and noticed that the box stores are now selling the "oklahoma joe" model for approx $425.  I've looked at comparable models such as horizon and they are twice that. 

    Basically I'm looking to see if this is a decent model or will it be comparable to the charbroil I use now?  Am I better off spending the $800+ for a horizon?  I did some serches and found a few topics about oklahoma joes but I'm not sure if they are for the newer models or old ones.

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    I have one of the older ones made of the heavy steel.  Make sure the workmanship is the same.  I have no issues with my Okie Joe that  any small side car wouldn't have.  Mainly temperature regulation is a bit tricky but is was my first "big boy" smoker and I have fond memories.
  3. I too have on of the old Oklahoma Joe's and it is very thick gauge metal. I loved to cook on it and if it were not for the burn ban last year I would still be cooking on it (I ended up buying a MES 40).

    I always built a huge fire and continued to add wood until I had a very large bed of coals. I could then add a couple of sticks, close the lid, adjust the vent and keep it at 225 to 230 consistently. I would add a couple of sticks as needed and seldom had spikes or dips.

    I do not know which model or the thickness of the new ones, but I still enjoy mine. There is just something special about tending a wood fire for 12 or more hours and then seeing the results of your hard work.
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    Yeah, ain't it fun [​IMG]  .

    I love overnighters ........


    The results are amazing ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    stan       aka       oldschool

    have fun and.......................
  5. I have a Oklahoma Joe's New Braunsfal (spelling)?? I bought it from ACE hardware and it is my first smoker. I love it and have had no issues with it. I buy wood from Academy it comes in a bag the name is Western. I use hickory, just start a small fire add a couple of logs and it's good for about an hour then I just add another. I love the smoker and would recommend it to anyone. Now. I'm wanting a bigger smoker on a trailer just because.
  6. I have an old old old Oklahoma Joe.  Its connected to a trailer and I LOVE IT.
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    If you want what an Oklahoma Joe is suppose to be get a Horizon. Those newer ones are just Chinese knock offs. 
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    For the price of a Horizon, you could get a Lang.
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    I've seen some newer Okla. Joe's and they seemed kinda cheaply made to me.  The last time I checked Lang's web site they were a bit pricier than Horizon.  I settled on a horizon 20" (although the lang looked like a very nice unit).  The 20" model has enough vertical clearance cook large turkey's and whole bone-in hams.  I got the built-in convection plate, counterweight, and an additional thermometer port (all highly recommended accessories) with tax and all for $1300.  The only negative comments I have for them is the front-end of the business was lousy; slow response, poor customer service skills, etc.  They guy I talked to when I picked it up said they are very understaffed and I assume that had something to do with it but its still something I'm going to remember about the purchase.
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    X2 on the method and wood.  Quality and size is always great from that western wood company Academy carries.  Burn down some wood coals and then just feed her smaller splits nice and slow.
  11. The current  Oklahoma Joe's smokers sold at Ace, Lowes, or Homedepo are build in China and are not the same heavy gage metal used to build the older models Oklahoma Joe smokers. The quality is not the same. However if you wish to purchase a smoker that is build  to the original  Oklahoma Joe smoker specs you should look in to a Horizon smoker. However with that said if you elect to go with a Horizon smoker be prepared to spend almost twice the money

    A couple of years ago I purchased an  Oklahoma Joe's smoke from Ace hardware for about $450.00. The smoker has worked great for me. I made a few mods to it and it works great. It have not had any problem with heat distribution, it was a matter of me getting use to the smoker, the size of my wood  logs and the amount of meat on the smoker. Once you get to know your smoker, you should not have any problems with heat control or heat distribution...... Glad I saved the money and did not buy a more expensive smoker

    On a budget!![​IMG]

    Rib Master KC2
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    I recently bought one of those cheaply made chinese OK Joes from Lowes. Its made out of 3/16" steel (I measured it) and weighs about 300 lbs. 

    I love it. 

    It will hold 265f all day long on a minimum of wood in 25f weather. 

    I did a few mods, the most important being tuning plates.

    here is pic of yesterday's results

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    I'm wanting a bigger smoker on a trailer just because.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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    I wanted a Lang last month but the tax return vanished quickly so today I went to Lowes and checkout out the O.K. Longhorns. It is much heavier and thicker than those Chargriller offsets so I went ahead and got one. I figure after a tiny bit of mods and a diffusor plate it will work out fine at a much cheaper price. 
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    I purchased a Oklahoma Joe and love it so far!.  I did several mods however.   I added door locks (Home Depot) and a high temp gasket around the door (Ace Hardware Green Egg Smoker gasket)... works great.  New Temp guage is on it's way.  I purchased at Lowes for $475 and put $50 in mods...

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    Okay, so now I am torn..... I thought I had settled on the Brinkmann Trailmaster....  But from what I have been reading, for a bit more money the Char Broil OK Joe's is a bigger thicker smoker.  Anyone got a direct comparison between the 2?  I really can't justify a Horizon on the family budget, of course I can dream about a Lang.  But in the real world, I need to stay under 500, if can even go that high....  What do you think?
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    go to the Home Depot site and compare the weights.

    thats a good starting point.
  18. I suggest that you look at the Yoder Wichita and the other Yoder backyard wood and charcoal smokers. They are used a lot in competitions and in that same price range.


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    Yoder Wichita is over $1500 plus shipping


    there least expensive pit is a Cheyenne and its still over twice as much as the smokers we are discussing here.
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  20. if it was me, Id probably go with the Oky Joe. for that price range. Its built fairly well and can be modified as well.

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