Oklahoma Joe Longhorn price?????

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  1. I've been stalking the forum for a week or so and have finally subscribed! I've also been stalking the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn which is on clearance at my neighborhood Wally World for $261 & change. Is this a yay or nay and what are you guy'ses experience on the price??? Looks like MSRP is $449.
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    I would say that is a decent price. They can put out some good Q.
    It will need a few mods.
    I would suggest, learn the pit right away then you'll know it's personality. Then it should be easy to smoke on. And fun!
  3. Appreciate the feed back! I plan on seasoning the pit this weekend so hopefully I'll be turning out some Q soon.
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    That's great price, I paid $376 for mine in June from Lowes.
  5. I was a little sceptical putting this thing together. I paid $261 + another $135 in mods. I ordered everything from bbqsmokermods.com which included the baffle plate, door latches, and lava lock door gaskets so I'm all in $396. I personally feel like this smoker is about worth $449 if it came with all the mods needed, and with that being said I wouldn't dare pay full price for it. Now on to the bbq! I seasoned the pit yesterday and completed my first smoke today which began at 1:15 pm and ended at 7:45pm. 2 slabs of St. Louis style spair ribs, beef brats, chicken sausage, and 6 leg quarters. I used a mix of Apple, Cherry and Pecan wood and Kingsford original as my coal base. I was very happy with the ease of maintaing my cooking temp of 250 to 270 degrees. Everything came out amazing especially for my first cook! You guys be the judge.

  6. Transfered the leg quarters to the Webber to crisp the skin.
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  7. Based one slab in sauce and continued spritzing the other with apple juice.

  8. No wrapping, just 6 hrs 30 min smoking @ 250 ish and spritzing!
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  9. Ridiculous smoke ring and amazing flavor!
  10. hardcookin

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    Looks like a good smoke!!
    Nice Job Thumbs Up
  11. Nice job on the Mods and first cook !![​IMG]


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