Oklahoma Joe Long Horn Mod

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jimmismoking, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. So for the last year I've been on the fence about buying a Convection Plate from Horizon Smokers (http://www.horizonbbqsmokers.com)

    I finally decided to buy it. I haven't received it yet as I just put in the order almost 2 weeks ago. My question was for anyone using this where do you put you water pan? Does it go under the plate or does it go on the plate? Judging from the pictures it looks like the plate is angled so it would seem like the water pan would slide down the until it got to the end of the plate and the bottom of the barrel.
  2. Jim, I have the original okie Joe smoker. Bought the plate from horizon like you did. I have never used a  water pan.on any of my smokers so guess I am not much help. someone will have the answer. CF
  3. Well water no water that's debate-able right [​IMG] Did you do any cooking without the plate and how was it compared to with it? My last cook I was about to get a good amount of heat on the front end of the smoker nearest the firebox and about 200 degrees at the back which I was impressed with. At the back it's normally so cold I can put my hand on the grill with no fear at all of a burn or even breaking a sweat.
  4. The water no water, I just meant that I had never used a water pan , so did not know how it would work. I have noticed that the plate did help quite a lot on evening out my heat. Its been so long now I don't remember what the difference was. I am sure its in the computer some place. Will try and find it. I do still start my cooking at the back end. I also put a 3" 90° elbow on my exhaust.. This makes all the heat come down to the cooking grate before leaving the smoker. CF
  5. That link is awesome that shows me EXACTLY what the plate will look like sitting in there. it's flat so I can still put water pan in.

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