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  1. Is it normal of the MES 40 to be 40 degrees off..have to set it at 265 to get 225 n the cabinet?

    Learned a few lessons so far... used the wrong ext cord.. that blew... alot of time.. Owell live an learn i hope.. Are take it back to Sams Not sure at this point.. LOL
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    That would be extreme. It does take some time to heat up and settle but once up to temp and you keep the door closed, setting at 225 should be +/- 5*F plus a 10* swing in either direction as the Coil turns on and off...JJ
  3. Thanks.. I have a temp gauge .. But my Maverick ET-732 will be here monday.. Then I will know for sure.. messed up some ribs.. They came out okay but not like I'm use to... Took 7 hours..
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    The first time I used mine it was within 5-10° of my maverick. Today it was reading in the neighborhood of 30° higher than maverick. Guess it could have to do with probe placement to though.

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  5. Got the Mav today.. This thing is off 35 degrees.. I new i should have just bought the Lang.. I called master build.. yea yea yea Ill send you new stuff. Ill pass its back at Sam's someone can deal with this mess..  Sorry boys.. No electric for me,, Ill have to stick to getting a stick burner.. At least that way i can control the heat.. I'm off to the wood burner forum.. Thanks for yawls help..

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